A biography of napoleon bonaparte the leader of french revolution and french emperor from 1804 1814

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March 8, —Jan. Early Life Coming from a fairly wealthy family, Napoleon was able to attend school and get a good education. Over the next several years, Napoleon expanded the French Empire. How did his first marriage end? His powers as First Consul essentially made him dictator of France. Shortly after he took part in the Brumaire coup of November , finishing as a member of the Consulate, France's new ruling triumvirate. After losing a naval battle against Britain at the Battle of Trafalgar, Napoleon decided to attack Austria. All depends on the principles which direct them. The assault on the position led to the capture of the city, but during it Bonaparte was wounded in the thigh. Early Career Despite being posted on the French mainland, Napoleon was able to spend much of the next eight years in Corsica thanks to his ferocious letter writing and rule-bending, as well as the effects of the French Revolution which led to the French Revolutionary Wars and sheer good luck.

At the time of his death inNapoleon measured about 5 feet 7 inches roughly 1. Sometimes his victories were crushing—such as Austerlitz inoften cited as the greatest military victory ever—and at other times, he was either very lucky, fought almost to a standstill, or both.

Helena in the southern Atlantic.

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However, he later changed sides and returned to France. Bonaparte was promoted to Commander of the Interior and given command of the Army of Italy.

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His Egyptian expedition included a group of scientists, with mathematicians, naturalists, chemists, and geodesists among them.

But in April France declared war against Austria, and his offense was forgiven.

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While the tendency to see in Napoleon a reincarnation of some 14th-century Italian condottiere is an overemphasis on one aspect of his character, he did, in fact, share neither the traditions nor the prejudices of his new country: remaining a Corsican in temperament, he was first and foremost, through both his education and his reading, a man of the 18th century.

Return to War Europe was not at peace for long.

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Napoleon was given command of the Army of Italy , whereupon he welded a young, starving and disgruntled army into a force which won victory after victory against theoretically stronger Austrian opponents. How Did Napoleon Die? He also brought out 1, wounded men. He decided to invade Russia. Housed on St. However, the Russians refused to surrender, instead torching Moscow and forcing Napoleon into a long retreat back to friendly territory. Related Profiles. Before the Napoleonic Code, high positions were given to aristocrats by the king in return for favors. Graduating early from the military academy, Napoleon, now second lieutenant of artillery, returned to Corsica in

Rise to Power InFrance attacked Austria.

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Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, Military Commander