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The first online election for student government at Berkeley High School became a lesson in more than democracy. That's just me because I don't think you should have to spend a dollar on elections.

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I think yes there is supposed to be some sort of separation of powers in this. Daniels:I believe that being a part of a very stringent [group] of organizations at U. You'll meet people from just about every course at the university, and from many different countries. I think that one way the administration helps Student Council is that many chief officers are open to meeting with executive members and representatives of Student Council which I think showcases a bit of humility of behalf of those administrators, and I think it showcases that fact the degree and the true power of student governance, and the true effectiveness of student governance Vice president for administration is mostly focused on internal management and the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Any student any student, they want. But at the same time if something happens where I lose or if he loses, sometimes you have to work with the other person. Lin:I think one very important thing is institutional knowledge. They're not necessarily subservient to the president, and they each run their own part of the organization. Daniels: I think I would advocate for more authentic and organic approach in dealing with these problems. I just think the problem is for me personally is that students don't know I think that communication is key in protecting students and protecting our University through the University Police Department.

Cintron: Yeah, I've signed that … Yes, yes, yes. I think this petition allows for more of a level playing field.

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I was part of the University Judiciary Committee where I served as a judge for first-years … I also, this year, am working for the educational outreach of the Honor committee as a representative for the dorm … I think that educating the general public and a large amount of people around the dorm organization has also allowed me to showcase my knowledge of institutions and the need for rules. We want to hold UPD accountable and we want to make sure students are safe and that we're representing them effectively. If elected, you would be succeeding Sarah Kenny as Student Council president. I think that the Student Council should always advocate for the removal of certain signs of hatred. I also think that now there should be more investigation as to the spending to CIOs. Daniels: So, I think that one way for the Student Council to very truly endorse the BSA demands is to reach out to the community and see how the community reacts to the demands. They denounced the white nationalists, they had, they communicated a platform of equality and community to the world, and that was very much necessary in the wake of such tragic and horrifying events. I think that the Student Council must not try to interfere with the work of these organizations or try to change [them], but rather just make sure that their voices will be heard … [Also] that they advocate for the protection of AccessUVA funding and support groups…. And the vice president for organization … their job is mostly related to our agency function, and that is the distribution of the student activities fee and … they should do their job. I would make sure to work with UPD and work with administration to see how do you solve this problem…It's important for Student Council to listen to all groups but also once you gather strong perspectives, it's not up to us to be hesitant.

If elected, you would be succeeding Sarah Kenny as Student Council president. That is, a Student Council that is policy-specific.

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I think that communication is key in protecting students and protecting our University through the University Police Department. We should not be explaining to students what administration thinks, we should be explaining to administration what students think.

Why don't you hire more minority students?

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I think in this past budget session, the representatives — not the representatives — cabinet committee chairs, we could've had a longer process to do this, to make sure that what we asked for [what] we needed, and that we weren't overspending or over requesting. It shows that students do care about it, whether that's through rallies, whether that's through disruptions, anything is in the realm of possibility. They say they agree with holding a discussion circle and having the students apologize but they also want the fraudster to face disciplinary action. And I really think in order to help balance things out, I think it's just important. I think it's important that when you have the executive board … there's a strong team within the process. And I think it's something that a lot of people would be really interested in because I think student self governance is talked about a lot, but I don't think you can really live out student self governance unless you limit money in elections because we want students to be in charge of the process. Believe that you're the best person for the job - Have confidence in yourself and truly believe in what you stand for if you want people to vote for you. I think Sarah Kenney has addressed them in the past, and I think it's good that she makes statements supporting it, but I think more important than statements supporting them is how do we work with our activist groups such as DREAMers on Grounds and with Charlottesville city groups who are fighting for affordable housing … Lastly … I would put more pressure on the administration … I'm willing to fight for you students.

I think it makes sense, and I think it would actually allow for more collaboration and more competition between reps and the president because at that point you're in the dealmaking process. Jalon Daniels: I want to be Student Council president because I believe that I can offer the Student Council and the student body an alternative perspective and approach to

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Excerpts from interviews with the Student Council presidential candidates