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District Judge Lewis Babcock said: "It doesn't matter whether you're a teacher, a student, a citizen, an administrator, or anyone else, it is beyond the power of the authority of government to compel the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance".

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Yes, please? My church actually has a Thanksgiving service, but not many others do, apparently. It was a massive campaign that involved government schools and politicians throughout the country. The American people, as well as other countries were centered on the faith of their leaders. The tradition of thanksgiving proclamations began with President Washington, who presided over the constitutional convention. And no Supreme Court wants to get into domestic disputes like that. It was not until the s, however, that religious matters should enter the Pledge of Allegiance. Reciting the pledge was a common place in most schools across America, typically following roll call. The Ninth Circuit Court's attempt to deal with a difficult issue was careful, measured and responsible. Parker, who "said he did not belong to any church", [15] objected "as a matter of personal conscience" [16] to the Los Angeles Board of Education's policy instated in that made daily recitation of the pledge with the addition of the words "under God" mandatory. Colvin, Alex. But we have collectivized the decision about what the national recitation shall be about the relationship between God and country, and I think we should not collectivize that choice. The Court was asked to rule on practices in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. It was because of volume.

It was common practice to recite The Pledge of Allegiance every morning in the classroom while standing and raising your right hand to your heart. Instead, the five-member majority — led by Justice John Paul Stevens — decided the case on standing grounds.

The religious portion of the Pledge of Allegiance is only two words. By stating allegiance to the flag allegiance is given to country; a country founded on Christian principles and a belief in God.

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The decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the Pledge of Allegiance has brought out some of the worst that America has to offer. For instance, in the Bible club settings, or in the see-you-at-the-poll events that are held annually at schools, or voluntary prayer groups that want to meet every day on public school campuses during break time or lunchtime, they absolutely have the right to do that.

Vitale case before the United States Supreme Court.

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Under God? Pledge of Allegiance Constitutionality