A personal view of life of a professional wrestler

During this match, The Undertaker's storyline half-brother Kane finally made his debut under the control of Paul Bearer, ripping off the door to the cell and giving The Undertaker a Tombstone Piledriver, Undertaker's trademark finisher, allowing Michaels to pin him.

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I still live with the pain today. Reigns came out and was attacked from behind by Elias, who assisted Shane in beating up Reigns. Most holds leave an arm or leg free, so that the person can tap out if he wants. In mid-jump, a wrestler can be 10 feet off the mat, and a slip could end a career.

A no contest is a state separate and distinct from a draw — a draw indicates winning conditions were met.

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Sometimes, however, if this happens in a match to determine the challenger for a heel champion's title, the champion is forced to face both opponents simultaneously for the title.

Continue Reading. Updated August 10, Just like magic, the world of wrestling is highly secretive in nature.

A personal view of life of a professional wrestler

He wasn't, fortunately -- he "only" received " a concussion, a dislocated jaw, a dislocated shoulder, a bruised kidney, a gash in his lip, and had one tooth knocked out and another broken.

I had never practiced the move before, so their way of easing me into it was to have the biggest guy at the school I'd say he was around 7 inches taller and well over pounds heavier than I was throw me into it.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin: My Life After Pro Wrestling