A report on the two european countries italy and greece

In November, the government disclosed the existence of policies allowing UK intelligence agencies to intercept confidential lawyer-client communications on national security grounds.

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Finally, it is important to see how, during the same period, wage flexibility has increased in the two countries. Tensions flared in some communities hosting reception centers, including in Rome in November when authorities removed 45 migrant children from a center after neighborhood residents protested violently.

The fatal shooting by a Carabiniere of year-old Davide Bifolco in Naples in September reignited concerns about excessive use of force. Venizelos countered the policy with diplomatic agreements among Greek neighbours and established an "annual Balkan conference Labor Market Segmentation and Insider-Out Similar laws exist in Belgium and several towns in Spain.

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Similar projects were launched in several cities. On the other hand, massive unemployment reinforced the need to develop organizational formats which would include and facilitate the participation of the unemployed.

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Brussels warns Italy, Greece over high debt and bad loans