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But notwithstanding the love of and zeal for knowledge, and devotion to truth of the Western students, it appears that when many of them interpret Islam, its history and its institutions, something goes awry. He expanded the frontiers of the empire, reaching the edge of Constantinople at one point, though the Byzantines drove him back and he was unable to hold any territory in Anatolia. It was by the Romans that the history of their own aggrandizement was written; the narration of their rivalry and sanguinary wars with the Carthaginians has come down to us from themselves; or if Greek writers have also treated the subject, these men were the tributaries and dependents of Rome, nor did they spare the flatteries best calculated to conciliate her favor. Although the Umayyad family came from the city of Mecca , Damascus was the capital. Marwan's reign as caliph was almost entirely devoted to trying to keep the Umayyad empire together. Hisham suppressed both revolts. In my presentation, I have made an attempt to place the emphasis on facts.

There are those people who are afraid of truth. No Orientalist has paused, as far as I am aware, to investigate if this is true or even plausible that Muhammad abandoned the Muslims without a leader, and they had to find one in a no-holds barred, ruthless, free-for-all, struggle for power.

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The first loyalty of the historian must be to truth, and nothing whatsoever must deflect him in its quest. As the state grew, the state expenses increased. It is the story of the movement which was launched by Muhammad, the Messenger of God, in A.

As stated above, there is a plethora of books on Islam but most of them are stereotypical interpretations of the story of its birth and growth, and its religious experience, just as handed down to their authors by the court historians of the government which was born in Saqifa, and its successor governments — the governments of Damascus and Baghdad.

In this polarization, most of his companions were on the one side and the members of his family on the other.

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They killed him and sent his head to Sulayman. Sulayman died suddenly in However, Shia Muslims accuse him of instigating the war, weakening the Muslim nation by dividing the Ummahfabricating self-aggrandizing heresies [79] slandering the Prophet 's family [80] and even selling his Muslim critics into slavery in the Byzantine empire.

And yet, history can find its own supreme court or objective tribunal in the logic of facts.

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