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For the time being, Ukraine has quite interesting conditions for potential IT-sector growth and can provide not only technical assistance but also customer support departments, call centers, account and product development centers.

It is important to consider the business plans of company, corporate culture, even while you are recruiting of employees. He acquires a new trial period for newly recruited employees.

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As the analysis of information from widely available sources shows that in some cases this option of doing business even exceeds the conditions of outsourcing and outstaffing. Taking into account the number of young professionals prepared by universities annually, recruiting in Ukraine for further training at companies seem to be quite profitable, even despite it requires an initial investment.

Recruitment agency shall provide the list of employees for employer on trial period from 7 to 30 days.

Ukraine recruitment agency

Low taxation and staff flexibility Most of the Ukrainian IT companies register their staff as private entrepreneurs. This is the basis that we use when recruiting new freshmen. DNA is a global IT company specialized in outstaffing, outsourcing, and recruitment in Ukraine, connecting Ukrainian prominent specialists with global IT market. If in a time of trial period customer refuses from further hiring of employee the pay will not be charged. However, taking into account an imperfection processes of recruitment, each client uses minimum weekly trial period and checks skills of the proposed one. This is a widespread legal trick making possible to significantly reduce the tax burden on the employee and pay high salaries. Here, such a form of cooperation will easily and quickly pay off. There are more legal advantages of running a remote department in Ukraine: no mandatory conversion to currency proceeds; the money from importing services that have been transferred to the foreign representative office account can be transferred abroad; there are tax and customs facilities for foreign offices; no need to form a charter capital, as representative offices of foreign firms do not have the status of a legal entity on the territory of Ukraine.

First of all, it is necessary to say that everything described in the article is not just a theoretical data, but a real working business. He then joined Gide Loyrette Nouel, where he was providing tax advices to private clients but also being involved in some of the biggest French mergers and acquisitions deals including LBOs, spin-offs, split-ups etc.

Finally, inhe obtained his S. Comparatively low wages Despite the salary of Senior specialists in Ukraine is not much different from the salary of the same specialists in developed markets, the salaries of Middle and Junior developers here are nearly a half lower than those of their USA and European colleagues.

On the other hand, clients who do not want to oblige themselves in a long routine work on their office registration can make use of our outstaff services.

All of them found the conditions for doing business or establishing a startup in Ukraine to be the most profitable option for both economic and other reasons. Certificate in International Trust Management from S. We also give documents that allow legally hire a foreigner.

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Outstaffing vs Opening R&D Office in Ukraine