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Anyhow, in the first lecture, Gaiman sums up exactly why I like Masterclass. Villains need to be clever and surprising. It was nice to Steve to get in touch! In his MasterClass, James Patterson shares his insight into the process of writing, accompanied by countless priceless anecdotes from his life and career.

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Make it count. Here, James reveals his secret recipe for suspenseful writing. But to avoid it. Check Out This MasterClass! Make them know your characters, from the inside out. Margaret Atwood uses her most famous novel as an illustration for her own process of researching and getting inspiration for a speculative fiction project. This notion forces me to also think about my ideal reader. The Business of Being a Writer. Now for the pros and cons of Masterclass. This way, you will be a productive writer.

It should have tons of promise. Of me trying to outwit him, to hook him, mislead and wow him. Writers often tend to get obsessed with language, pace, style.

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And whilst there are things we cannot control — a call, children coming home, water boiling — the challenge is to make our novels flow in a distraction-free way no logical gaps, confusions, misconceptionsalways pushing those questions that the reader just must have answered.

Sure to be of interest to you as a Kindlepreneur reader, Atwood explains the business aspects of writing, such as finding an agent, how she deals with criticism, and negative reviews.

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Research can make or break any book project. So for James Patterson, the outline is what makes the book. In fact, it seems that he always has the reader in mind when writing. Use sound. It puts novel writing into a whole new perspective: with the reader in mind. Mislead them. Academy award-winning Hans Zimmer teaches film score. Hats off to the video editors in trying to make some of these as stellar as possible, but the level of actual teach was sometimes scarce. James Patterson encourages writers to not just set out to write a good story but set out to write a number 1 story. James Patterson novels are known for being page-turners that keep the readers hooked. Layered Narratives and Other Variations. Masterclass also features office hours. But also those moments that need to be done in particular scenes, things that need to be changed and rewritten, added or deleted.

In this lesson, Atwood uses real stories, both her own and others, to explain the various ways a novel can be structured. These techniques among others will be introduced in this lesson. You can submit drafts for critique by the class community. Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese teach filmmaking.

Instead, most are more of a high-level discussion on the art.

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This is where the POV also comes in handy.

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