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The massive amounts of water required to create the humid conditions of the Tropical Biome, and to serve the toilet facilities, are all sanitised rain water that would otherwise collect at the bottom of the quarry.

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A permanent installation entitled Seed, by Peter Randall-Pageoccupies the anteroom. Travel to South Africa and California, as you amble amongst the orange and lemon trees, olive groves and gnarled vines of the Mediterranean Biome, and in the acre Outdoor Garden see hemp, sunflowers and other plants that could change your future, flourishing under the Cornish sun.

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A fascinating location, but, more importantly, Eden is a fun and family-friendly day out. Evening gigs, concerts and an ice rink in the winter 6. Stunning garden displays all year round 4. It houses familiar warm temperate and arid plants such as olives and grape vines and various sculptures. There will be biomes shaped like mussels and a focus on the marine environment. The Outdoor Gardens represent the temperate regions of the world with plants such as tea , lavender , hops , hemp , and sunflowers , as well as local plant species. The ETFE material is resistant to most stains, which simply wash off in the rain. The entire build project was managed by McAlpine Joint Venture. The ETFE technology was supplied and installed by the firm Vector Foiltec , which is also responsible for ongoing maintenance of the cladding. A rainforest canopy walkway that takes you above the treetops 9. Cutting-edge architecture and buildings 3. The Eden Project includes environmental education focusing on the interdependence of plants and people; plants are labelled with their medicinal uses. In December the Eden Project received permission to build a geothermal electricity plant which will generate approx 4MWe, enough to supply Eden and about households. A permanent installation entitled Seed, by Peter Randall-Page , occupies the anteroom.

There are themed events according to the seasons, workshops for adults and children, activity days, music concerts and much more besides. Glass was avoided due to its weight and potential dangers. If required, cleaning can be performed by abseilers. Accordingly, the building has taken its inspiration from plants, most noticeable in the form of the soaring timber roof, which gives the building its distinctive shape.

There will also be reimagined lidos, gardens, performance spaces, immersive experiences and observatories. It is used for tropical plants, such as fruiting banana plants, coffeerubber and giant bambooand is kept at a tropical temperature and moisture level. The cladding panels themselves are created from several layers of thin UV -transparent ETFE filmwhich are sealed around their perimeter and inflated to create a large cushion.

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Living example of regeneration and sustainable living There's no stress about packing up a family survival kit - facilities include on-site restaurants and cafes, gift shops and well equipped child- and baby-friendly toilet facilities.

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