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Wilderness programs and boot camps - are they effective?. Thus several decades of evaluations of boot camps has demonstrated quite conclusively that they are not effective in reducing recidivism and have marginal impact on cost-savings.

Due to controversy, there has been a new critical scrutiny into the whole boot camp concept. What works in reducing young people's involvement in crime?

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Whether the measures are re-offending rates or whether it is centred around cost-effectiveness — there is little to show that boot camps offer a beneficial alternative.

Teens wore uniforms, practiced drill and ceremony, addressed superiors by title, entered facilities, like mess hall, in groups, and usually marched themselves to activities.

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The principles revolve around shock treatment, power and control, and disciplinarian techniques. The participants are usually grouped as units or platoons, and they enter facilities as a unit and remain with that unit for classes and group activities. The Pros The biggest advantage is that boot camps teach self-control, responsibilityand respect for authority.

Most of all it signals a vengeful justice system. Like boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools vary greatly in style and execution and they share the common goal of fostering discipline and sense of worth to the participating teens. Sleep and Dreaming Parents of troubled teens will try almost anything to get their kid back on the right track.

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Wilderness programs and boot camps