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He was doing this with teaching Indians and blacks in South Africa to use the method of satyagraha.

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The second is that believers in non-violence should also believe in God. People were giving candies to the security forces, all without violence. It will not be easy.

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Gandhi The man of nonviolent resistance, Mohandas K. By the time, a good number of people begin to develop absolute faith in them, they happen to disappear from the scene leaving the society in a vacuum, rather in worse condition.

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Non-violence is the clear distinguisher between right and wrong. The Government of India in as usual, kept military Forces in alerted condition.

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It is really important that we get together as the world and cooperate with each other. Hitler wanting to destroy Jews. The Father of the Nation believed in simple living and high thinking. We should try to understand the other side. On December 7, the Communist Prime Minister resigned. Gandhi died aged Rumours of rebelion were present for a long time, but there was no leader to make them come true, no leader that knew how to persuade the people that it is possible and they can do it. This unfair and offensive act sparked off the thought and the wish of rebellion against this violence and untruth. His father was truthful and fare-minded and Gandhi surely did inherit these qualities. Gandhi studied law in England before returning to India to fight the caste system by doing chores an untouchable would do But Independence was accompanied by the horrific Partition. Similarly anti-social elements finding non-violence as ineffective or powerless often perpetrate much more violence to society than a limited use of force by some trained armed persons which would do some hurting and killing, but defend the larger segments of society in a disciplined and legally permissible manner. On November 17th , a non-violent protest in Prague against the Soviet occupation turned into the largest protests in the history of Czechoslovakia.

Similarly, there can be more than three or four parties to the conflict. God has not been able to operate the world on total non-violence, but can a leader dare claim to do so and create a totally non-violent society?

Neither the non-cooperation nor civil disobedience movements succeeded to the extent of his satisfaction, nor his venture of Hindu-Muslim unity could witness its complete realisation. For this reason, Mahatma Gandhi was called the Father of the Nation.

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When the governments prohibit an individual to criticize the government for its human rights violation, the governments in turn violate universal rule of laws. In South Africa he was trying to help to liberate Indians and blacks, to make them equal with whites. Dandi Salt March is laid down in history, where approximately 60, people were imprisoned an an outcome of the protest march. By the end of December , the Soviet regime had given up and Vaclav Havel was elected president of Czechoslovakia. In Poland became the first country in Eastern Europe to free itself from Soviet domination, without violence. Sadly, two years after India gained independence, an assassin shot Gandhi. Gandhi extended this concept of satyagraha to resolving conflicts within nations and between nations. Many people think they can achieve Peace by fighting and killing the source of evil. We always want power, more territory, more natural resources and etc. It cannot be denied that even with his largely or partially known truth and non-violence and its practice in many areas, Gandhi could awaken and move the masses in millions. But what do you do by hurting them, or worse, by killing them? Their leader Vaclav Havel asked them not to use violence against the security forces. Non-violence is the clear distinguisher between right and wrong.
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Mahatma Gandhi, the power of nonviolence