Explain how focusing on the customer by providing good customer service is essential to retailing

No matter if they are young or old, by helping them to their car when they have quite an arm load of products, you are showing you care.

Mark the credit as a special credit per you your name. Economic trends will impact on consumer spending and have an industry-wide effect; learners should explain that some retailers may be better able to withstand recessions and take advantage of growth opportunities. Retailing involves ….. In any walk of life, people react to the kind of treatment they receive so if you treat customers badly or show a total disregard for them, they are, at best, going to complain more and, at worst, will simply not bother to complain and take their business elsewhere. In fact, customer service analysis during the last decade says that you need to actually delight customers, not just satisfy them. Consider charging a premium for the most difficult customers; only if you can't help educate them to become your best customers; and only if you think they can't get a lower price for the same level of service. Learners should identify aspects of government policy concerning planning guidance for new store locations, specifically the influence of Planning Policy Statements. This bank has recently been praised for customer service by industry experts on how it has turned around its reputation for customer service and you hope that you might be able to use some their good practice at BeeBank. Innovative products and services should be identified in one retailer and learners should explain the role of these products and services in creating a dynamic industry. Assessment could be a report based on an innovative retailer and the ways in which it adapted to its environment and how it uses change factors to drive its business. Key factors and their significance are depend partly on the industry sector: planning restrictions impact more on food, DIY and electrical retailers than clothing and toiletries and cosmetics retailers.

Start by defining the term customer service, Follow this with a brief explanation of why customer service is particularly important for retailers.

Self service, home delivery, personal shopper etc Customer service pre transaction, transaction, post transaction Identifying needs Customer service and sales activities are a critical element of effective retailing. More-For-Small-Business Newsletter: For more timely and regular monthly information on managing your small business, please subscribe here.

Another form of customer service is over the phone. Other competitive forces should also be studied including competitors, market position, barriers to entry and new retailing concepts.

unit 29 understanding retailing

However, retail companies should not believe for one minute that this means just the loss of one customer. They will explain what causes these types of change by differentiating the key factors in the macro environment and the competitive environment.

It does not start and end with in-store experience it has to be owned by all employees.

assess the impact of different sales techniques and customer service in a selected organisation
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Why is Customer Service Important? What is Good Customer Service?