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Even better, the Sweep activates on the next turn, tearing a gigantic hole in the ranks from the rear. Leaders must be trustworthy before others will follow them.

Fighting works similar to other games in the genre but had many unique elements which included the ability to destroy terrain, reduce and eventually destroy cities, special buildings that could call in attacks from off the board, such as AirstrikesNapalm LaunchersSatellite Lasers, EMP and concussion blasts, stealth units in every terrain type, as well as the ability to stack units in a single tile.

If you are successful in your war-like ways, Alexander will gain Glory. OCTOBER - And here's the other rule that makes this scenario tough: in Octoberthe Battle of the Nile condition is triggered, simulating Nelson securing the Mediterranean and effectively cutting off Napoleon from calling in reinforcements.

I've got 3 turns before the Ottoman army potentially shows up for a going-away party in Alexandria, so I'm now on the clock for getting back. It will be my job to step up and avoid any difficulties or problems, simply because nobody else will. I currently play the clarinet all year around as a sophomore.

With my supply, I plunk a Garrison in Alexandria so I can use the army there if need be to join the offensive without losing the territory. Without boring you with the details of a 5 turn battle, guess who saves the day? After seeing the wave of Turks creep slowly across the board the last few turns, they've retaken Al-Arish and Cairo, and in Bitter Lake a decent-sized army now stands ready and poised.

The game includes a player log sheet that may be photocopied to keep track of stats as you play your campaign. I've got 4 armies, 2 cavalry, and a garrison defending; assuming I can hold Alexandria and take a minimum of losses, I can still eke out a Historical "victory".

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