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At the same time, new challenges have emerged, including the danger of cyberattacks on banks and stock exchanges. Who knows? My impression is that the introduction of the expected loss model has contributed to improvement of credit quality control systems in the banking system.

Big banks are better capitalized now than they were before the crisis and regulators have more power.

Next financial crisis prediction

That is the best contribution that accounting can give to financial stability and we believe that IFRS 9 and 17 are big improvements in this respect. Will it last? This might serve as a wake-up call for those investors who do not closely monitor the success of acquisitions. And for all the progress to strengthen the financial sector, the revamped architecture remains untested. First, the fact that IFRS 9 leads to a much quicker crystallisation of loan losses should have a preventative effect. Second, timely loan loss recognition should contribute to limiting imprudent dividend distribution and remuneration policies. The heavy lifting for supporting a still ailing economy was left to the central banks — who found themselves keeping rates low far longer than they had ever anticipated.

Governments have therefore focused on making the banking system more robust and better able to withstand the failure of a large financial institution. Even if the government and the people do everything right, there is always a risk of disruption due to events outside of its borders, since there are substantial trade and investment ties with other countries.

Yet, these changes were largely framed as exceptional — temporary aberrations rather than a sign that the tools needed to manage the global economy had changed for good.

Is another global financial crisis coming

During the financial crisis, it became clear that the incurred loss model gave too much leeway for banks to postpone recognising inevitable loan losses for too long. Our staff showed how acquired goodwill tends to be shielded by the internally generated goodwill within the acquiring company. These types of crises are likely to be manageable precisely because they have a history. The answer, as with many things economic, is: it depends. Old, profitable contracts can be mixed with less profitable, newer contracts to smoothen the income statement. Nigeria enjoyed a well-functioning monetary policy that militated against and enabled decreases in inflationary pressure between and It has partnered with national authorities to help them identify potential trouble spots, such as excessive consumer or corporate debt; develop tools to curb risks; and strengthen analysis of their financial systems. History provides no guidance about their form; all we know is that there will be some. Happy holidays!

I firmly believe that IFRS 17 brings a very important contribution to financial stability in the insurance industry. Since economic expectations might be overly pessimistic during a recession, they fear IFRS 9 will lead to overreaction.

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Commentary: Are we ready for the next major financial crisis?