Heineken market segmentation

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Demographic characteristics: The consumer of Heineken is also segmented by using demographic factors. With these things under consideration, the management of Heineken must be able to find ways to make their products even more advantageous and beneficial so their consumers in different market segments can enjoy their products.

With the said process, the researcher will be able to create an outline on what measures are most appropriate to be applied in the study.

Accordingly, this approach has five sequential stages: deducing a hypothesis; expressing the hypothesis in operational terms; testing this operational hypothesis; examining the specific outcome of the inquiry to either confirm the theory or indicate the need for its modification; and finally, modifying the theory in the light of the findings if necessary Robson,p.

The promotion activities with the biggest international reach are described below. Oxford: Blackwell. Environmental responsibility Another important issue is environment related. The regions differ in economic development and culture. Heineken implements a consistent, effective approach to encouraging responsible attitudes to alcohol and actively discourage abuse of alcohol.

But that is not the case and brands have to adapt in any part of the world where they are commercialized.

Instruments used A self-administered questionnaire, or the type of questionnaire that was usually completed by respondents, was constructed by the researcher to gather the needed data Saunders et al, Overall, Heineken uses a Lifestyle executional framework throughout their advertising campaigns.

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First, this approach is a search to explain causal relationships between variables, which consequently leading to the development of a hypothesis.

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