How did leonardo da vinci and michelangelo influence the art of the 16th century in italy and europe

The theme of many was his strong attachment to various young men, especially aristocrat Tommaso Cavalieri. Venetian School: The distinctive, thriving, and influential art scene in Venice, Italy, starting from the late 15th century.

This was arguably the largest workshop team assembled under any single old master painter, and much higher than the norm. Neither work was completed and both were lost forever when the chamber was refurbished.

Inthe sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti c. Key Terms High Renaissance: A period of artistic production that is viewed by art historians as the height, or the culmination, of the Renaissance period. Mannerist art is characterized by elongated forms, contorted poses, and irrational settings.

In addition, he was a respected poet during his lifetime. The crowd is right. His most famous works are elaborate narrative cycles, executed in the dramatic and colorful style, full of majestic architectural settings and glittering pageantry.

high renaissance definition

They included a design for the Capitoline Hill with its trapezoid piazza displaying the ancient bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius.

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Contrast three works of da Vinci with three of Michelangelo