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Make Everyone Feel Important. Don't bring up the awful time you had on holiday or complain about the state of the economy. In this fast-paced world, simply stating a truth isn't enough. When you meet someone new, work their name into the conversation in order to remember it The goal here is to repeat their name three times in the first five minutes. They don't want to know about you. Just as important, give without the expectation of receiving. For example, a new client might tell you about his wife and new baby… so next time you see him, ask how the baby and mum are doing. Feel free to comment below. Instead, say something really positive about that person or company. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person.

This is all about charm, and allowing people to chat about themselves is the easiest way to win them over. But if a fault seems easy to correct, they will readily jump at the opportunity to improve. The thing that most motivates people is the game.

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This is a great way to show people you care while making them feel important. When you find a topic that makes their eyes light up, ask lots of questions and be genuinely interested in their passion, even if it's something you're not bothered about.

People are hungering for sympathy.

How to influence people

Rule Don't people-please There will be the odd occasion when you need to speak your mind or share a point of view that others might disagree with. Everyone wants to be needed. There is nothing novel here. To help you reassess how you can engage more effectively with people, here are five ways that leaders win people over. Stand out by being a positive person. What do they want and need? No one likes to be humiliated; we must not be so blunt. Make their life easier. I have successfully used this approach when attempting to get buy-in from staff for a new piece of software or when implementing a new system.

People who are waiting to knock someone down a peg by telling them not to dream too high. For example, never say 'Ay up! Do things that no other law firms in your area would even consider doing.

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Let them rationalize and talk about the idea, because it will taste much sweeter to them in their own mouth.

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12 rules on how to charm anyone and win people over