How to write a wow macro

To create a macro, click the New button at the bottom of the window. For now, here's how to use the targeting commands. The action bar code recognizes the spell and will show cooldown and range feedback on the icon.

Why not just put the spell on your bar?

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Any spell that is instant and does not trigger the GCD can be followed by another cast "Next Melee" abilities like Heroic Strike fall under this category too. This means you can interchange spell names, item names, item IDs, inventory slots, and bag slot combinations.

For now, I'll show you how to use the targeting commands. Certain spells can actually be cast at the same time in a single macro. Character specific macros are, well, I think you can figure this one out yourself.

This was not the case prior to patch 2.

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As soon as Overpower fails to cast, the game will block all the other spells from casting as well, even though the GCD is not actually triggered. There are also addons that handles this, such as Raeli's Spell Announcer. Using items and trinkets Simple answer: the same way you cast a spell. If you use showtooltip, you do not need to use show. A conditional is like an IF statement and sort of like a parameter of a method in a programming language. Well, that's where combining multiple commands comes in handy, and this is exactly what makes macros so useful. Most spells and some items trigger the global cooldown GCD which keeps you from taking too many actions at once. Another problem is that it may target something yards behind you that you don't really care about. If the name is spelled wrong or that unit is not near you, your target will not be changed. Here's a simple example: showtooltip [modifier:shift] Conjure Food; Conjure Water This line at the top of the macro will show icon and tooltip corresponding to the Conjure Water spell, unless shift is held down, in which case Conjure Food will be used instead, regardless of what else the macro is doing and which spells it is using.

Sequencing spells and items Many times you will find yourself casting a series of spells or use certain items in the same order on pretty much any mob you fight.

Certain spells can actually be cast at the same time in a single macro.

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[GUIDE] How to make macros!