How to write an epic boast about yourself

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I really liked the characteristics you spoke on, and how you chose to word your boast. Brag about the one or two goals you wrote for your future, telling the audience you are sure to make those goals with little effort.

I've bipassed a lot of obstacles in my life so far but i know there is more to come. Brittany R. I love to study science and that's what I'm going t o major in college.

To bring loyal leaders. I'm in my senior year, even though people said I wouldn't make it this far. Because a lot of people and myself didn't think I was going too make it this far but I proved them wrong! Many boast poems also include goals you have for the future, so write down one or two things you want to do.

People judge me, but it rolls of me like water off a ducks back. However, you neglected to label your examples of alliteration and there are mistakes with capitalization.

Even if you didn't fight the monster Grendel, you can write about your own achievements in a boast poem modeled after the Anglo-Saxon style.

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My Epic Boast!