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Agnes Classon Seasonal salinity variations and hydrological conditions of the Gialova Lagoon Coastal lagoons are ecosystems being under constant natural, but also anthropogenic stress. Handling of hydrologic data including methods for time series analyses and management of spatial data using geographic information systems GIS and geostatistics.

Application of ATES, instead of traditional heating and cooling installations, reduces primary energy consumption and related CO2 emissions. The main tree species of the stands were: Scots pine, poplar, oak, larch and at one site a mixture of pine, birch, beech and oak.

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The water crisis in the Middle East, the most water-scarce region in the world, is rapidly worsening, yet decision-makers appear unwilling to acknowledge its severity and water remains low on the political agenda. This is particularly true for the ungauged Makanya catchment in Tanzania, which is the subject of this study.

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For wet conditions it is shown that the evaporation at the end of the shower and just after the shower is much larger than often assumed. Thus, a broad approach has been followed to obtain a more or less, reliable estimation of the range of possible aquifer responses within a limited spectrum of sedimentological options. One of these landfills is located near the glassworks factory of Pukeberg, in the municipality of Nybro, Southeast Sweden. A major problem of sustaining freshwater supply from freshwater lens is saltwater intrusion, i. Eddy J. The results of this case study showed that it is likely too early to see any improvements in the water balance components as a direct response to the implemented PSB scheme. A robustness analysis method supports the assessment of impacts from extreme events, and is applicable on flood and drought risk systems. The spatial patterns that emerge in the results of multiple models literally add another dimension to the technique. Importantly, groundwater depletion was found to be an important contributor to sea-level rise and is likely to dominate over those of other terrestrial water sources. At present, design rules are applied in such way that all negative interference is avoided. This is shown by many, but practiced by too few, as traditional time series analysis theory and software are complex.

Anticipatory actions may have adverse effects, such as when flood control actions turn out to have been unnecessary, because the actual rainfall was less than predicted. For comparison, total groundwater flows through the landfill were estimated by considering water balances of the upstream catchment.

We showed that oxygenation of deep peat layers that had not previously been exposed to air led to acceleration of decomposition; moreover, this effect is still measurable in the period after such a dry summer.

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