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Have Fun The most common mistake authors make with vampires, Sizemore believes, is to take them "way too seriously. In the Hammer Horror classic Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, they had a very interesting idea that vampires are inherently different: "As many different kinds as predatory animals.

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And how does that change the nature of the monster itself? In my vampire book, Bloodsucking Fiends, it was important that my protagonist, Tommy, came from a small town in the Mid West because the book is set in San Francisco and I wanted to portray the city through new eyes.

Bram Stoker's Dracula featured the repeated imagery of red against white — red blood against white shirts and white fangs, the wolves' "lolling red tongues and sharp white teeth", red prick marks against the white flesh of the heroine where Dracula had bitten her, et cetera.

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Sizemore's enforcers don't ask what they're eating, but whom. Hell, Anne Rice's vampires actually couldn't have sex but just had orgasmic bites. A lot.

So you want to write a vampire novel

So use the same policy for sex scenes you would for a commando mission: get in, get out, and no one gets hurt. These displays of red can range from the obvious roses to something unique perhaps a character literally wears rose-tinted glasses. You might as well question how Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie would attract someone. Once you decide on what kind of vampire you want, you need to follow that through with the rest of your story. How do they stay hidden? Find Out More Unless your vampires are literally living in outer space, chances are they don't exist in a vacuum. Western society's romance with the vampire vastly predates Buffy -- or Anne Rice. They speak of loneliness and alienation, or freedom without ethics. It may be interesting to do something of a double subversion and look up some of the older more obscure depictions of vampires in folklore and base the vampires in your story on those for example: giving them lesser known weaknesses, such as an obsession with numbers or the inability to cross moving water.
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