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Communication across SPI uses a system known as data exchange. To satisfy these requirements a serial bus is needed. Example of a Byte Write Page Write The write control byte, word address and the first data byte are transmitted to the slave receiver in the same way as in a Byte Write.

The 8th bit after 7 bit slave address should be read or write bit and it is provided overwritten by mbed-SDK inside of the write function. Refer to Figure 8 for an example of a Page Write.

If the master needs to communicate with other slaves it can generate a repeated start with another slave address without generation Stop condition. All the bytes are transferred with the MSB bit shifted first.

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In such cases it must first write to the slave device, change the data transfer direction and then read the device. After this procedure the data can be read from the slave device. Master I2C device that has lost arbitration can generate SCL pulses until the byte ends and must then release the bus and go into slave mode. The Random Read reads only a single byte on a random position specified by the start address. With this setting, following 2 bytes data will be written into registers of 0x6 and 0x7. After receiving another ACK, the master device will transmit the data word to be written into the addressed memory location. Once a master pulls the clock low it stays low until all masters put the clock into high state. The allocation of I2C addresses is administered by the I2C bus committee which takes care for the allocations. Some slave devices have few bits of the I2C address dependent on the level of address pins. The master device must either generate Stop or Repeated Start condition. Microcontrollers that have dedicated I2C hardware can easily detect bus changes and behave also as I2C slave devices.

Otherwise, if the data direction bit is 1, the master will read from slave device. When set to a one a read operation is selected and when set to a zero a write operation is selected.

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The number of the devices on a single bus is almost unlimited — the only requirement is that the bus capacitance does not exceed pF. With those parameters, the mbed SDK manages multiple bytes transfer automatically.

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All I2C master and slave devices are connected with only those two wires.

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I2C Bus Specification