Ib bio enzyme catalyst lab

Effect of ph on enzyme activity experiment

Present the findings of your investigation in a well organized scientific report. A and B were similar and C, D and E were also similar. This can be seen from the positive gradient of the column chart indicating the positive correlation between the independent and dependant variable as predicted Graph 2. Steps are repeated with 1. Osaka: Elsevier Inc. Alternatively, a photograph can be taken using a digital camera or a smartphone at each interval, and the data recorded after the experiment has completed. In the spectrophotometer results, the colour change of the juice increased exponentially as the concentration of pectinase increased. However, when looking at the spectrophotometer results and its relationship with the alternate hypothesis H1 the conclusion made differs. Plot the results in a predesigned raw data table in an electronic spreadsheet, where the mean can be calculated and a bar chart generated using the average and graphing functions. In a collaborative scientific study by Osaka Prefecture University in Japan and the University of Ghent in Belgium5 it was found that an increase in pectic enzymes increased fruit juice extraction of various fruits. The effects of heat, acid, base, and enzyme concentration will be determined by measuring the amount of juice produced as a function of time. We did this by creating a reaction of the breaking down of a substrate and then recording how much the volume of the product of the reaction differed between different concentrations of the substrate.

This experiment generates many branches of curiosity; it gives one the basic understanding of pectinase to undertake further challenges. If you spill chemicals in the lab, notify Mr. Since denatured enzymes cease to undergo their normal chemical activities, rates of reaction will be affected.

Time min 10 12 Volume mL 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 Using the data from your group AND from the other groups, draw one graph showing the results of all treatments.

It causes plant growth and extension of the cell wall and is an extremely beneficial plant substance. There is a positive correlation considering the upward trend. LB's demonstration.

The ANOVA Test results Table 9 showed a high degree of accuracy, which help to support the accuracy of the experiment and validity of the data.

enzyme experiment lab report

What was their purpose? Slice 1.

Ib bio enzyme catalyst lab

Record in the table on the other side. Two drops is not a static volume and is therefore not a precise way of describing an amount of any substance. The spectrophotometer was used as a method to give further validity to the results. You need to get some data from other groups, since your group does only one of the treatments. Pectinase breaks down the carbohydrate pectin in applesauce. Why do you think this happens? Also, as the concentration of the substrate decreases, so does the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalyst. Describe the shape of the lines on your graph. When we compared this to our literary source we could further conclude that the enzyme activity or the rate of reactions which take place, increase until a certain point when all active sites of the enzymes are occupied, and the rate of the reactions can no longer increase. Inhibition may be reversible or irreversible, depending on the nature of the inhibitor. In a typical enzyme-catalyzed reaction, the enzyme will bind briefly with the substrate, allowing the substrate to form its products. Controlled variable s : 1. It works well at a pH of 4.
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Ib Bio Experiment on Effect of Substrate Conc on Enzyme Activity Free Essays