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Questions that can be asked that are not check-ins include questions that are likely to lead into other conversations.

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The first line of defense for managing conflict is the use of online mediation. However, our aim was not to compare the two countries, but rather to grasp various mediation practices among different subject teachers.

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As a Union representative, this report outlines and addresses the role of union, the rights of the employees in this case, and the dispute resolution process, which will include negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

In fact, some of them evaluated their role as mediators to be marginal or non-existent. A mediator is involved to make sure the right steps are followed.

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In general, peer mediators have a formal and recognised position. For choosing participating schools in Estonia, one of the criteria was involvement in training programs and activities organized by the Tiger Leap Foundation.

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The consulting firm was invited to negotiate with the suitable organization in regards to a variety of points; this would be a regular practice for this demographic region. There is a distinct difference between the negotiation process and the mediation process. Students have no interest, and many of them have been abroad anyway. Yet teachers should become more aware of their role as mediators and seek ways to make media and digital literacy promotion a natural part of subject teaching. New York: W. This may be hard for children, who are still developing their skills, and in particular they may have to try to listen without judgement. I felt that that both parties understood my intent to facilitate a positive outcome. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 42,
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