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The benefit to an online program? Some schools allow you to test out of certain courses by taking a challenge exam; the cost to take a challenge exam is generally much smaller than paying for the full-credit course. An online medical assistant degree program is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. In the early stages of your career, you may have more luck landing a position with a smaller facility. Office Administration An office administration course teaches students the clerical skills necessary to work as a medical assistant. Disease and Pathology for Medical Assistants—Review terminology and anatomical structures, and learn about the most common diseases and disorders of various body systems. Students are also taught how to remove stitches and draw blood. Clinical practice Laboratory courses In addition to coursework, medical assistant programs offer students the ability to perform externships. Need to find a school? If you work in a specific type of setting, such as optometry, podiatry or ophthalmology, your duties will be more specialized. Are you a capable multi-tasker? This course teaches students about medical word structure, clinical terms and anatomic words.

Coursework focuses on the core topics with most programs culminating in an externship. Phlebotomy for Medical Assistants—Learn the theory and practice of blood collection, including the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system.

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The curriculum focuses solely on medical assistant tasks and responsibilities. Subjects Included in Most MA Programs Typically, you will find courses that focus on topics like medical terminology, office administration, and anatomy and physiology.

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Common uses for medications, drug interactions and side effects are taught during this course. You may be able to cut costs of the program or keep fees down. Consider these five factors: Length: A certificate program takes between 9 months and a year. Students learn about coding medical information, how to conduct a lab test and master the skills needed to work directly with patients. When researching online medical assisting programs, find out how externships are sourced and where you may be able to complete yours. The key is thinking outside the box. Although it takes a little more time and effort to customize your submissions, it will show employers that you are serious about becoming a vital part of the team. Why Pursue Medical Assistant Certification? Do you have experience with patient education duties? Location Tuition may be higher in certain areas of the United States.

The coursework will cover confidentiality, risk management, medical records, documentation and more. Medical assistants learn the clinical and administrative components of the job, which are very different in nature.

Although it takes a little more time and effort to customize your submissions, it will show employers that you are serious about becoming a vital part of the team.

Medical assisting coursework

Students learn how to compile charts, file and manage data. Sound like you?

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You must renew the CMA credential every 5 years. This allows them to be prepared to work in the field. Other traits that will serve you well: analytical skills crucial for interpreting medical charts and diagnoses and a penchant for detailed work. You can attend a medical assistant training program in a local college, career college, or in an online program. These programs are featured in a number of vocational schools or technical institutes. Safety techniques, which decrease the chances of risk associated with dealing with blood and body fluids, are also taught during this course Basic Surgical Assisting A basic surgical assisting course educates MA students about equipment used during surgery and other procedures or treatments. Are you prepared to switch roles and tasks as needed? Pharmacology Pharmacology covers information pertaining to medications.

Most online programs partner with local healthcare facilities. Salaries are often accompanied by a full range of employment benefits, including vacation pay, health and dental insurance, retirement benefits, and more.

An externship allows you to work hand-on in a medical facility, putting your newly learned skills to use.

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Online Medical Assistant Programs Ideal for adults juggling family and work obligations, online medical assisting programs free you from the hassle of commuting to campus.

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What Is Included in a Typical Medical Assisting Course?