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Download it! The oldest literary sources for many myths are Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, which probably originated in oral traditions themselves, as well as the Theogony and the [Works and Days] of Hesiod.

The Plague followed inand The Fall in Heinrich Schliemann's discovery of the Mycenaean civilization as well as Sir Arthur Evans's discovery of the Minoan civilization unearthed sculptures, vases, and paintings that provided new details concerning the mythological characters and stories.

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Some believed that the gods and heroes mentioned in the stories were once actual human beings, and that the myths had become exaggerated stories of their lives. The apple of discord was a golden apple Eris threw at a wedding and said belonged to the fairest goddess. Camus joined the French Resistance at the beginning of World War II, and worked for an underground resistance newspaper, eventually becoming its editor in Man- Eating mares of Diomedes 9.

Myth study guide
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