Phd thesis on labour welfare

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The marketing employees posted at Salem as well as outstations are eligible for this reward scheme. Educational Facilities Education, to the children of factory employees is a statutory requirement. Quality is the hallmark of Salem Steel Plant. Sources of Information It is necessary for every research to have both primary data and secondary data, without which the research would be inefficient. Regarding referral system in the hospital, only 2 percent of the employees are satisfied with the existing guidelines. The level of per capita consumption of steel is treated as an important index of the level of socio- economic development and living standards of people in any country. Service Dress 5. Employee Welfare Activities Employee welfare constitutes the provision of welfare work, which depends for their observance on the compulsion of the government. Motivational Scheme a. Over and above about 6 number of children who are socially back warded are admitted to class I and given free education in this school every year. Incentive scheme for Market executive employees d. Research Design Research design acts as the blueprint for the research by using this framework the researcher moves step by step in to the research process. Medical 3. Payment of gratuity Act The government has also passed the government of gratuity act under which employees in factories.

It is observed that overall the workers are satisfied with the facilities. Please specify the level of satisfaction with regard to allowance like Highly Highly satisfactory Satisfactory Neutral Dissatisfactory dissatisfactory a Washing allowance b Night shift allowance c Festival allowance d House rent allowance e Shift duty allowance f Bonus g Vehicle advance The items of expenditure in the running of the canteen, which are not to be taken into account in fixing the cost of, specified meals.

Payment of gratuity Act The government has also passed the government of gratuity act under which employees in factories. Is the School is equipped with the sufficient no. Look up in Google Scholar Abstract One of the significant features and characteristics of the 'post Keynesian' shift in the welfare state or settlement is the emergence of 'workfare' as a dominant policy regime.

Phd thesis on labour welfare

The room shall be in the charge of such medical and nursing staff as may be prescribed and those facilities shall always be made readily available during the working hours of the factory. Only the prescribed contents shall be kept in a first aid box or cupboard. Incentive scheme for marketing executives All the market executives are benefited by this scheme. The amount of compensation payable depends on the nature of injury and the average monthly wages of the worker concerned for this purpose, injury has been divided into three categories. If the period of disablement does not exceed 28 days, no compensation is paid for the first thirty days. One from works area another from non-works area. State-of the art facilities for Hot rolling, cold rolling and Blanking have been established at Salem Steel through backward integration over the years, sourcing the equipment and technical know-how, from the leaders in the respective fields from around the world. Thereafter, exports again declined to pick up only in Experience of the working of the act has revealed a number of defects and weakness, which hamper effective administration. It also provides that employees should work in healthy and better sanitary conditions so far as the manufacturing process will allow and precautions should be taken for their safety and for the preventions on accidents. It is observed that overall the workers are satisfied with the facilities. These facilities are sometimes provided at the workplace or community basis.

Regarding recreational measures, only 2 percent of the respondents are disagreement with the existing facilities. Faculty of engineering and technology for her valuable advice and guidance to carry out the project work successfully this unstained attention and meticulous guidance at all stages of my project will be ever remembered.

The total concept is a desirable state of existence involving the physical, mental, moral and economical well-being.

labour welfare facilities project pdf

Cash award is given according to the meant of the suggestion, made by the employee.

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