Plastic bottle projects

Find the directions at alphamom.

Plastic bottle crafts for kids

Once you have the beads made, you'll find lots of things to make with them. Go to Artesan to see how to make them. Decorate profusely with these, you can get the instructions at instructables. This is an easy way to turn plastic bottles into a disposable device for feeding your furry friends. Then mod podge fabric to it. Woven Bowl I think this would be a great project for a classroom or home school art class. Monster Men or Women Make these really cool monsters with plastic bottles. Water Bottle Flower Container Make this useful flower container using an empty water bottle.

Swiss Candy Necklace Who wouldn't love to wear an elegant necklace like this? Fish Art.

crafts with plastic water bottles

Milk Bottle Flower Heart The tutorial for making this beautiful wedding decoration can be found at the Crafty corner website. Find the instructions for making this airplane bank at the brightnest site.

Creative Jewish Mom has the complete details. All you need are scissors, paint, tape and a way to mount them, and your house will be greener and more organized.

making crafts with plastic bottles step by step

Colorful Butterfly Make this beautiful butterfly using a water bottle. Here are the steps to make one.

Plastic bottle projects

You can get fancier by add extra decoration to your bowls. These are ever so cute! Photo: Heck Fridays Transform your water bottle into a bird feeder. I can see it used for a baby shower or a bridal shower to hold candies, flowers or small favors. While it is convenient to consume drinks straight out of plastic bottles, the trash that is accumulated in the process takes a huge toll on the health of our environment. Hang the board on the window and watch the temperature inside drop. Creative Jewish Mom has the complete details. Soda Bottle Flower Add a pin or a magnet behind this elegant flower so you can wear it or put it on the refrigerator. A plant and soil goes in the top half. Reuse Bottle Caps It's amazing what folks will dream up. So easy and so practical, find the instructions on the apartment therapy site. Here are the instructions to make one. Just cut the bottle appropriately and then have fun creating these super cute designs that will look great on your shelves too.

Spinner Storage Talk about having all your supplies in one easy to get at area, this is the answer. You can get fancier by add extra decoration to your bowls. Bottle Bottom Ornaments Although this is written in a foreign language, you won't have any problem understanding how to make the ornaments.

Plastic bottle crafts adults

Automatic Cat Waterer This would be the perfect solution to keeping water out for the cat if you have to be away for a few days. Photo: Happy Hooligans Teach your children the importance of upcycling with this adorable and whimsical wind chime. Beautiful Butterflies Make beautiful butterflies by following the tutorial found at instructables. Find the instructions at Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas. A full set of instructions are at Handmade by Kelly. Bottle mobile This mobile turns plastic bottles into hanging flowers for a patio. Promotion Written by Sanchari Pal A lover of all things creative and happy, Sanchari is a biotech engineer who fell in love with writing and decided to make it her profession.

Beach Petals is the place to go to find the instructions. Go to Kreativ Klub for the photo tutorial.

Bottle projects for school

Bottle Bottom Ornaments Although this is written in a foreign language, you won't have any problem understanding how to make the ornaments. Teapot for a Tea Party Bugs These are some super cute little bugs. You have to scroll down on the page a bit for this craft. Pretty Plastic Bottle Flowers Photo Source Pull a few water bottles out of the recycling bin and create these easy yet stunning flowers. Crystal Crown Make every little girl and boy feel like royalty with these crowns. You'll find the directions for making this dispenser at Livemaster. You can also use them to up the fun factor at your house party! Then hot glue a zipper to plastic and store away! Fill the apple with cinnamon candies or some other red or green paper covered candy. I know that I'm going to make this project with the grandkids in the near future.
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23 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Plastic Bottles