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Style: Personal Style Versus Self-Expressionism Yet, bringing one's own personal approach is different than that of an expression of self.

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He was the first to use beginning, middle, and end, to describe a story that moved along a linear path, based on a series of cause and effect actions.

When considering the roles that style and tone play within the novel, we find that the former, styleinfluences the latter tone. What is the situation?

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The characters are important, but the action takes precedence. If you want to write literary fiction or experimental cinema, this guide is not for you.

This service works best if a you have completed your novel and b you have done as much work on it as you can already. Backdrop settings -- Backdrops add color and a descriptive sense as to where the action is occurring.

Great stories are planned before they are written J. Getting them to brainstorm multiple small conflicts will help them to flesh out their story and make it more interesting.

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Surviving a natural disaster is a plot. A story sits on a plot; it is the emotional reactions of and choices made by various characters or groups. It is the opinion of some critics that writing in this manner lacks the distance necessary to produce a novel, because the author is too enmeshed in the subject matter.

Doing so allows you to weed out extraneous thoughts and summarize the entire outline into a scannable list for easier reference.

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Tameri Guide for Writers: Plot and Story