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As global climate has garnered worldwide attention, the polar regions have been found to react acutely to fluctuations in climate and temperatures.

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The Coast Guard, through use of the HEALY and previously the Polar class vessels last used in for Arctic operationsis the main federal presence in the ice-covered waters of this region.

The committee has developed a time line showing transition alternatives from the current fleet of U.

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The last person receiving the information tells the group what they heard. The information is repeated in this way until all people have heard. To play, group people into pairs and have one of each pair put on a blindfold. Since that time, the United States has maintained an active presence in Antarctica to develop and protect its strategic interests related to foreign policy and security, environmental protection, and scientific research. In such a situation, team members rarely commit themselves internally to implementing the group's decisions, even if they publicly support them. But if you want to survey a group of people and do that on schedule, here's the tip for you. And afterward, it might make life a little better back at the cube-farm, as well!

What was your favorite song in high school and what memory is associated with it? Chapter 1 walks through that in every detail.

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Tell us a book or movie or video you've read or seen lately and which you would recommend? Toss a softball around to random staffers and ask them what new policies they would like to see, and why they feel these policies are important. In such a situation, team members rarely commit themselves internally to implementing the group's decisions, even if they publicly support them. Other unplanned situations can include search-and-rescue cases, pollution incidents where initial response and U. Some people, even in small teams, have been working for years without even knowing if a colleague has children or not. If you could give some advice to beginners in your work area, what would it be? Ice breaker questions are the most versatile version of all games, it can be used in any team, and whenever you want: Questions are the best ice breaker for meetings! National interests require icebreakers that can navigate the most formidable ice conditions encountered in the Arctic. When did you first feel like an adult? Tell us 3 random facts about yourself!

Results are shared with the team to get to know everyone better Standuply serves the results the way you configured: via Slack DM, in a channel or via email. Which childhood book did you never forget? If the picture is facing forward towards you you are direct, enjoy playing the devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussion.

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Which of your skills do you feel are being underutilized at work? Coast Guard icebreaking missions transcends the mission of support to science, despite the fact that the majority of icebreaker usage at the current time is to support research.

The committee believes that it is advantageous to configure the U. Why were you given the name?

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The committee concluded that the demand of the science community for dedicated research vessels with a variety of icebreaking capabilities will greatly increase in both polar regions. While the southern extent of the Arctic ice pack is thinning and becoming less extensive during the summer, there is no question that polar icebreakers will be required for many decades for ingress to much of the Arctic Basin.

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