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The first theory under consideration is the Developmental Life Course theory. The same idea applies to falling marriage rates, which would reduce the exposure of violent couples because fewer individuals would be getting married and living together. Backlash or Retaliation While research has shown the importance of reducing the exposure between intimate partners in violent relationships, it is well-known that the highest risk for homicide is when the victim leaves the relationship, and this is especially true for females who are killed by their male partners Block, If you need to accomplish an essay on this sophisticated topic, make a research first. The Choice Theory applied in Criminology The choice theory arises from classical school of criminology, which holds reasons why individuals commit crime. Some of these explanations are outlined here. However, there are other criminology theories which explain the reasons why people commit crime but cannot be used to explain the motive behind this particular case study. Here you can find information on history, contemporary use, public opinion, etc. However, there have been critics of this hypothesis as a means through which an act of homicide can be explained. Interestingly, other researchers have found that cohabitating men with female partners are 10 times more likely to be victims of intimate partner homicide compared to men in married relationships.

Missing links: how descriptive validity impacts the policy relevance of randomized controlled trials in criminology. Their central argument is that criminals make their choices as to whether to engage in the heinous activities and thus they commit such offences knowing their consequences just too well.

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Therefore, these individuals who had expressed their dislikes for the victim could be the first suspects for the murder. Exposure Reduction The exposure reduction hypothesis proposes that factors that reduce the exposure or contact between violent intimate partners should decrease the probability of intimate partner homicide, because the opportunity for violence would be removed.

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Capital punishment research paper may cover a vast variety of issues related to capital punishment. You can order your own Criminology in Essay here As such, criminologists such as Siegel state that choice theories are popular since they do not encourage rehabilitation as a cornerstone for criminal justice.

In fact, in accord with labor statistics, the unemployment rate rose during the recessions of the early s and early s, recovering after both periods.

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Strain Theory for Criminology and Homicide In criminology, strain theory states that an individual may be forced into committing a crime because of the existing social structures within the society. Also, the wooden floor acted as sound proof and would absorb most of the sound coming from the shot. Reasons for Committing the Crime Why was the crime committed? The strong form of this hypothesis states that killing or homicide is not the main reason behind the achievement of these goals, but an individual would commit homicide if it is apparent that it is the only means through which their goals can be achieved. Though the coverage is high, there are still a number of homicides that go unaccounted for. Since the restroom attendant was yet to arrive, one hour after the crime was committed, the perpetrators must have known the operating schedule for the bar and thus wanted to finish their mission long before the restroom attendant could arrive. However, one growing problem, particularly with homicide offender information, is the increase in the number of unsolved or uncleared murders by police agencies. Oxford University Press. Evolved Goal Hypothesis of homicides The Evolved Goal Hypothesis is another evolutionary explanation to homicide and states that human beings have their evolved specific goals that are associated with certain quest for productive success. Conclusion on Homicide Research Essay In this report Argumentative Essay on Homicides, we have analyzed the information provided and tried to ascertain who could have been involved in the perpetration of the homicide. That is, white homicide rates peaked in , reaching a rate of 5. This finding alone adds considerable weight to the efforts to diversify the study of homicide. Even though these data sources are not without limitations, particularly as they relate to missing data on key characteristics of victims or offenders involved in these incidents, homicide remains the most accurately recorded and documented offense relative to other types of criminal behavior. Use another approach and become a storyteller!

Strain Theory for Criminology and Homicide In criminology, strain theory states that an individual may be forced into committing a crime because of the existing social structures within the society.

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The report then discusses what could have been the motive behind the homicide. Is it just? We bet during the research you will discover many interesting language tricks which you can use in the future. The other important theory that can be considered when discussing criminology is Feminism Criminology theory. After documenting some important changes, some of the leading explanations for the crime drop will then be outlined, to give the reader an understanding of the level and nature of work being conducted to understand this precipitous decline. The conflict theory of criminology suggests that laws developed and enforced within a society emerge out of conflict rather than a consensus. In addition, homicide is the most serious crime, leading it to be the most widely used among academicians. Purchasing strong essays is easy, get essays help online now and save your time! Secondly, this theory advances that choices made can be controlled by fear of punishment. Secondly, selection has resulted in the elimination of homicide as a byproduct in instances where it is considered too costly to kill.
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