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The company has to maximize its strategy implementation of corporate social responsibility to make it support them as mentioned in its business environment [14] that it has opportunity to capitalise on the high consumer demand.

In terms of the relation with the macro environment with conditions worsening in the South African market and African market people relying on them from the basic services and products the company has been able to stay resolute in given the customers the best even in tough times [14].

A question summarizing RBV approach. A good example of this is Ocado in the UK. Using a SWOT analysis as what is commonly found when looking at the business environment as mentioned in my literature review [6].

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A company that has valuable and rare resource can achieve at least temporary competitive advantage. The company itself has a very big presence in the space that it occupies, which is using very well [14]. Improving performance The company has already mentioned has fed over 4. Intangible resources, such as brand equity, processes, knowledge or intellectual property are usually immobile. The Importance of Business Environment It is however important to have the business environment [1] even though we have no control but we do control our reactions towards it [1]. The resources and capabilities that answer yes to all the questions are the sustained competitive advantages. Totality of external forces What one company would do, the other could simply follow and no competitive advantage could be achieved. The business environment is dynamic as already mentioned so the managers need to be able to know how to apply necessary precautions as in which strategies to use to deal with the changes which the trends have informed [21]. Dynamic nature Question of Organization. Major proponents were Wernerfelt, B.

Corporate social responsibility and influence on the consumer All these specific forces affect the organisations at different levels and sometimes directly on a day-to- day basis [21]. The external business environment The external business environment is very straightforward and is what people refer to as the business environment mostly.

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Introduction of Shoprite Holdings We then will summate how Shoprite Holdings have implicated cooperate social responsibility and how the company strives in the business environment. Complexity The business environment is made up of many components and because of this it can get very complex in terms of comprehending the whole environment its entirety [21]. Corporate social responsibility and influence on the consumer They also have a reach out to the community program which they promote that all the Shoprite holding companies to be engaged in a local project [12]. The external business environment Improving performance Inter-relatedness The environment is like a big spiders web with many different business elements interrelated, where one factor in the market can start a whole chain reaction to all the other businesses that are in the environment [21]. Technology This is how the managers deal with the organisation and how it delivers the end product it, also includes equipment and looks directly at the transformation process and how technology drives the transformation process to ensure a good product [22].

This gives us the understanding that if it is to save the company as in the bottom line, then it will be seen as a private benefit social responsibility project but it will then be carried out in a way as to persuade the public to reason as to see it as a beneficial social responsibility project [7].

The high household debt also the surging cost of essential services contributes to the challenge of staying ahead in the sector [23].

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