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Some of the most important skills a student can learn in college are to write correctly, effectively, and even elegantly. Parents, too, can refer to CBSE class 10 social science previous year question papers and create assignments for their children based on the same, as well as use them as a framework to create mock exam papers of their own. University of Kansas; Prewriting Techniques. Hunter College; Lester, James D. Interpretive approach -- apply the theoretical knowledge gained in your coursework to a particular research problem, such as, a business situation in a management course or a psychological case profile. Section — B 8. What is the question? Also watch video to know what students had to say about their Social Science paper. How is over irrigation responsible for land degradation in Punjab? The knowledge of the past, combined with the efforts of the present, makes you well-prepared to appear for the examination in the future. Use paragraphs to separate each important point. The Writing Center. Policy memorandum approach -- write short factual sentences devoid of emotion that summarize a situation to date, identify the main issue of concern, provide a breakdown of the elements of this main issue, and then recommend how to address the issue based on research about the topic. Persuasive approach -- take a position in a scholarly debate and give the reader reasons based on evidence why they should agree with your position.

OR What may be a goal of prosperous farmer of Punjab? Be sure to give the reader guideposts along the way, to help them follow your argument. We also consider, for each single issue, a limited number or charge-free articles, such as single "invited articles" by distinguished Scholars, and a limited number of single articles proposed by young PhD Students, Post-Doc Scholars and independent Researchers who have no access to University grants, according to prior evaluation by OJH's Scientific Committee.

Received articles are made anonymous by our Editors, before Peer-reviewing process begins. Indent the first line of each paragraph. OR How had novels been easily available to the masses in Europe during nineteenth century?

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We are providing here the question paper for Class 10 Social Science Exam. Be sure that you understand the type of paper you are being asked to write. The Writing Center.

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