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All 6 minutes of this magnificent sight are absolutely infectious and riveting. A star, as it were, is born. He tippity-taps his way into a chalk drawing with the noted English nanny and her ruddy-cheeked wards, joining her in a sweet duet about the privilege of her company with accompaniment from a coterie of cheerful cartoon animals.

This closing number of the movie is what Bollywood is all about: joy, love, life, and music. The neighbor, to save the student from grief, focuses his attentions on finding her someone else to turn her affections toward. The first, at the estate of leading man, Rahul, the second in a village square for the father of Anjali, the love interest.

In this scene, two birthday celebrations are happening simultaneously.

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For a moment in the middle of the number, Rahul dreams he is dancing with his beloved Anjali. So filmmakers had to get creative, and one of the ways they did that was through the symbolism of rain, which represented the ecstasy of the drought-ending monsoon and allowed the wet clothes to reveal the actors' bodies without actually showing nudity.

Dola Re Dola - Devdas Ready.

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10 Best Bollywood Dances Scenes