Standard chartered bank bangladesh internship report

Hence SCB continues to enjoy superior bargaining power over its customers. Then next government officer as we know a huge number of our population is doing govt. I have completed internship program based on theoretical and practical knowledge.

internship report on standard bank ltd

Client was very rude. Absence of Strong Marketing Activities: SCB currently do not have any strong marketing activities through mass media e. Like previous weeks I did my work, contacted clients and developers, met with few of them, collected their documents and updated scanned copy on system DMS.

report on standard chartered bank

But highest cluster is found on the basic three areas. Some of them were done with mutation. According to their flat address, we said them where National housing authority, Ministry of public works, Rajuk they can do their mutation.

From my works, I have learned how behave with senior managers, benefit of doing mortgage, way to communicate with customers and how to give priority to customers.

Mission and vision of standard chartered bank bangladesh

I thought he would be irritated but he very pleasantly accepted my request. Market is reaching near saturation, with adequate banks already in operation, and upcoming few more. Lastly few people as well come to open different savings product. But in these types of matter, we need authorized letter only. Now, Standard Chartered Bank has employs more than 29, people in over offices in more than 50 countries. Mahmuba Khanam who said that she will not do the mortgage where she has thirty installments more to pay. Job Summary: Manage all trade breaks raised and identify resolution path to continuously challenge systems and processes to improve efficiency and risk control. I realized that even in my d future career, there would be events which cannot be foreseen; however, how I chose to act on those circumstances will matter and help me keep the work flow moving. There are 4 Nationalized Commercial Banks with branches, 28 privatized banks with branches, 13 foreign banks with 32 branches and 4development financial institution with branches, 4 specialized banks in Bangladesh. Hence, the key to establish a competitive edge in banking industry of Bangladesh is to provide better customer service quality. Retail Banking: Retail Banking deals with the banking services to individuals. I have learned how time table is important for banking job life. My experience was actually the opposite.

SCB currently does not have any plans to expand their marketing activities except some consumer campaign they hold. Clients holding freehold property will also do their ACL mutation from same respective areas.

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