Structure of assignment

Make sure you understand each and every instruction correctly and you are following them while writing the assignment.

Structure of assignment

Decide what points you want to discuss and include a new paragraph for each main point. While this is fine, it is often clearer to include one plan per paragraph. Look for topic words, which tell you what you have to write about. Use feedback effectively: Don't just look at your marks when your assignment is returned. Sometimes the broad categories are indicated by sub titles as in published research. Like any game of skill, in order to write an effective assignment, you have to know what is required. Take note of the referencing format you are using in your assignment. Text should be word processed rather than handwritten. The direction that your thinking is taking in the essay should be very clear to your reader. Avoid waffle.

Showing how theories fit in with each other; Indicating different schools of thought, and developing your own perspective based on these. Bookmark the permalink.

Essay assignment example

Check your language: If you are worried about your English ask a friend or a writing tutor to help you. In your outline try and include draft topic sentences and a few ideas outlining what you want to include in each section. It is an effective element of visualization in assignment writing. Use brainstorming, mind maps or just a list of points you want to include; whatever works best for you. Writing an introduction: Introductions need to provide general information about the topic. Your report is a technical document and not a selling brochure that needs to catch the attention of the reader. General requirements Every assignment must have attached an Assignment Attachment Form and a Cover Sheet including a Plagiarism Statement with the student signature as shown above. Every new paragraph must cover and interpret a new, single point, meaning there is no need to unite the points in one paragraph or dedicating one paragraph to all arguments at a time. Use linking words throughout the paragraph.

Avoid waffle. If you have difficulties or are unfamiliar with report writing, contact the Learning Resource Centre where you will find numerous textbooks about report writing. Present your strongest ideas summarily and convince the reader that your content is well-adjusted and accessible to the broad public.

If there are two parts to a question, spend about the same time on each unless of course the marks awarded, or your tutor, indicate differently. Read any comments carefully and act on them. The format of every assignment is different. This could be a theme that you can use to link ideas between paragraphs.

format of assignment for college

Titles will often be worded very specifically and it is your job to rise to the challenge of answering the question. The experience comes with ages.

steps of assignment writing
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How to Structure Your Assignment in 4 Relevant Steps