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Now, back track and go south from the previous save point.

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You can enter now. You probably get a new summon, Powan. This will open up the door to south. Just be sure to attack couple times, go around and repeat.

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So, make your way ALL the way back to that area with the last save point you were at. That should be an area with a save point. Anyway, the game will ask you to make a System Data save. If you don't like my style that much, refrain from reading my stuff. This requires you to do 2 mini quests in Act 6 and 7 which you should have done already if you followed this walkthrough. Afterward, time to get to the NE cave of the World Map. Her movement is faster and use charms more frequent. Continue up. This is not the case for Gran-these , a sequel for the gameplay concept used in this game, but not for its story.

You can also adjust your Equips. You will be controlling Ainna this time around.

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Once you took out both flowers, aim for Exena. For this last kanji, back to the first area of this cave. Afterward, head back to the Putrid Altar. There is an Item Box just above the save point, so make your way to the top and jump toward that Item Box. After, go along the paths within Putrid Altar. Within the mountain, continue on. Then head to Kagerou Village, then back to Alespa Street. Now, go north. You won't be able to enter, so exit out the village and make your way to Mushrooms Valley. Step on the switch at the center. You can also change your Equipment. There should be 3 more areas with rocks for Dritol to break. Pretty straight forward, then you have paths at SE and SW.

That should be an area with a save point. Once you are done, head to the lower left. Then get back to Worel. Go up and check the gate for more scene. You can only pick one.

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Going through the game, players will enable new ways to use this change system and will also unlock new abilities for each character. Optional and secret are often not included. Afterward, head into the Warp Point to get back to Tseze Village.

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