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Beauregard, southern troops opened a fire near Fort Sumter. Two compromises took place before the start of the Civil War. The first one is the slavery. Grant 's command of all Union armies in On July 2nd Lee ordered more attacks and an attempt to storm Cemetery Hill. The battle of Gettysburg took place between July 1st — 3rd In comparison, Jefferson Davis himself felt wary about his position, and was not as well liked even among his own cabinet. On both sides the respective home fronts faced a failing economy and inflation as well as shortages of material and labor. From to , it is estimated that , to , soldiers died, [23] along with an undetermined number of civilians. Also how the soldiers and civilians were treated as well as how sanitize their location was, are questions I will try to answer. Because the African Americans were unfavorable, black units were not used in combat as they might have been. In General William Tecumseh Sherman led his army deep into the Confederate heartland of Georgia and South Carolina, destroying their economic infrastructure while General George Thomas virtually destroyed the Confederacy's Army of Tennessee at the battle of Nashville. In the year , the tension that had long been brewing between the north and south exploded and led the nation to war. The Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. Although slavery was not the primary reason for going to war, what seems to me in my opinion is that the first major black rights movement was made during that time for freedom to fight for the country, and for the chance of liberation through the Emancipation Proclamation

Several battles had already taken place--near Manassas Junction in Virginia, in the mountains of western Virginia where Union victories paved the way for creation of the new state of West Virginia, at Wilson's Creek in Missouri, at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, and at Port Royal in South Carolina where the Union navy established a base for a blockade to shut off the Confederacy's access to the outside world.

He remarked how outlandish the Southern newspapers were.

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While it is true that a nascent Southern nationalism played a role for some, understanding the motivations of non-elite white southerners is a window into mid-nineteenth century ideas about social mobility, class, and race.

In the North slavery had died out as it did not pay. Sherman and his 62, men began their journey on 16th December Their main job was to relay orders from higher ranking officers.

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Moutrie in Charleston, Carolina, to Fort Sumter They sharply divided into three political major, opinion of how the answer should be By the spring of all the principal Confederate armies surrendered, and when Union cavalry captured the fleeing Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Georgia on May 10, , resistance collapsed and the war ended. The black regiments of the military during the civil were successful and essential. However, there is a large demographic that is hardly accounted for: children, specifically during the Civil War era. In the four deadly years of war, over six-hundred thousand Americans were killed. Those two other issues are; economy and geography. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, refused to accept lower wages than white soldiers were paid. This left them to mainly be defending their territory. They were virtually unopposed and during the march tore up railroad tracks, released slaves, burned plantation houses and searched for supplies. Lincoln's March 4, , inaugural address declared that his administration would not initiate a civil war. When President Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election in the confederate states carried out their threat, they refused to be governed by anyone who did not share their same views of white supremacy.

However, these wins did not translate into any military advancement. Whatever individual motives people had, whether they were based on political ideology or economic motives, millions of men were eager to fight and die.

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Though the northern and southern regions of the United States fostered contrasting views on a range of issues, they shared the common perspective of promoting Manifest Destiny. Let me start by giving you a brief list of wars the United States has participated in according to Wikipedia. Slave-owners did not believe that they had the ability to run their plantations without slave labour and in addition, having slaves gave them a sense of prestige and increased their social position. Although the individuals who fought and died in both the North and South were arguably against each other politically, economically, socially, and emotionally one main point lost to them was that they had common ground in being a part of a newly formed nation in America. Through numerous events leading up to the start of the Civil War, I will attempt to show how the United States was destined for conflict and that the Civil War was inevitable. Lincoln's March 4, , inaugural address declared that his administration would not initiate a civil war. The black regiments of the military during the civil were successful and essential. The southern states had been threatening to secede from the Union because they objected to the black liberation views of the north. Obviously, the Civil War was caused by slavery; the issue of slavery being legal in certain states -- causing many political fights -- and talk of making slavery illegal, ultimately lead the southern slave states to secede from the United States to form the Confederate States of America and decide to fight the rest of the states over the issue In the year tensions between the Democrats and Oligarchs exploded into civil war, both sides hailing allies from all over the world for aid. Between and , there was another Civil War occurring within the United States. To begin with, the South attempted to defend slavery before, and during, their secession to try and describe their reasonings for fighting in the war Two compromises took place before the start of the Civil War. For every one Confederate soldier, there could have Union soldiers opposing him. Policies regarding their rights and freedoms became the dominant political controversy in the time period of reconstruction

However, many historians argue that this period of time is improperly named and should be called restoration

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