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You probably already know it from the movie adaptation starring Thora Birch and Scarlet Johanssen. And let's be real: doesn't it feel great to be trusted?

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But as he searches for Estelle, his light may go out forever. It's fantastic! Keep in mind, though, that this number is skewed by voracious readers. Donate here! If you write three sentences, you will be golden. Even if I'm not actually handing them a copy of the book.

Best Friends by Martha Moody Through wrecked marriages, vastly different upbringings, or other tragedies; the friendship between Clare Mann and her college roommate Sally Rose remains deep and strong in Martha Moody's Best Friends. YET what we value most about reading -- that private encounter between writer and reader inside the reader's head -- is its intimacy. No amount of flowers or jewelry can bring on the same joy as discovering a writer that speaks to you. Solution: If you are giving the friend a copy unsolicited, make clear that you are not pressuring that person to read it. A parade of media figures, led by Oprah Winfrey, offer suggestions to audience members who eagerly follow their advice. If you write a review somewhere like Goodreads or Amazon, it will help sell the book. And they're the ones who were with you with your first crushes in high school, as you escaped your family into college, and through the jobs and boyfriends and struggles of your 20s. Lies feel like lies in a review. But if you want to help your friend, writing a review will do so much.

If your friend likes the book you suggested, you'll hear about it. It doesn't idealize a friendship, and it's sure to say that even a friendship can't help against everything but it reminds us that loyalty and remaining true to the one you love is crucial.

The Group by Mary McCarthy Chances are, if any contemporary writer writes frankly about a group of female friends, she has probably pulled inspiration in some way from Mary McCarthy's The Group.

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How to recommend a book to a friend