The effective ways to save space and time when travelling

This month, we partnered with the site to bring you hacks for one of the biggest holiday stressors: travel. Roll your clothes.

The effective ways to save space and time when travelling

You can always buy more shampoo and moisturizer at your destination. Bring several pairs of underwear in your carry-on—just in case your luggage winds up lost.

Space saving packing tips

Alternately, if you really want to use every inch of space in that Samsonite, you can look into shipping your souvenirs back home. Personally, I use a compression packing cube system and roll any clothes that do not fit into the cubes. It saves time at home and at the airport and lets you focus on the rest of your trip. We promise. These space-savers are good alternatives to jumpers and cardigans. The biggest bang for your buck are packing only essential travel size toiletries and packing fewer clothes by choosing versatile pieces. Make use of accessories and a few pops of color to add interest. Pack solid forms of liquid products. If you do pack shoes in your luggage, make your you fill the inside with items that you are taking anyway.

I suggest investing in a shoe bag or heel bag to protect your shoes and the other clothing in your suitcase. Simply thread one end of the necklace through the straw then close the clasp so that it stays put.

how to fold clothes to save space in luggage

Are there any special events you need to attend or anything formal? Just traveling for the weekend? If your luggage has an expandability feature, consider using it only if doing so won't bump your luggage out of the carry-on-size category; the last thing you want to do after packing your bag this carefully is to have to check it.

They come in a range of sizes and are often sold as sets. That way, you can easily take off layers if you get too warm.

Best way to pack a suitcase to maximize space

Packing cubes are an amazing tool, worth investing in. This keeps shoes and socks together where they belong , plus you save space in your suitcase. Do you have any special requirements? Think back to your last trip and the items you packed. Think dry shampoo I love this dry shampoo! Make use of that empty space as it leaves more room elsewhere. Instead of bringing lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow, pack a product that can work as all three. Proper organization should save you space in your suitcase. Begin Slideshow Illustrated by Abbie Winters. Many frequent travelers develop their own favorite tips and techniques. Store socks inside of shoes.

What's the best way to decide which items are truly essentials? Simply use one compartment for each item including any dangly earrings that may get tangled! However, any bulky items such as jackets or sweaters should be folded and placed on top of your rolled clothes.

You can dress them up a bit for a night on the town too.

How to pack shirts to save space

Regardless of where on the Packing Drama Spectrum you fall, chances are you, too, could use a helping hand or hack now and then. Use your mascara as an eyeliner—just press the wand as close to your waterline as possible. Even if you use a compression bag for your clothes, packing cubes are useful for organising other items. Use a number of these travel packing hacks to make the most out of your suitcase, packing lighter and better than ever before. Starting from the bottom up, roll your shirts, trousers and dresses into tightly packed tubes, which you can neatly stack in your suitcase. Big coats and heavy wool jumpers are the biggest culprits. These are tips that are routinely used by experienced travelers so take them on board. This makes clothes slightly less accessible, but as I roll my clothes, I can easily reach in and grab what I need. Every time you take a trip, make a list! I, on the other hand, put packing off until the last second and operate on the one-backpack-only method — and I'm talking a school-size backpack , not a hiking-size monster.
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23 Genius Travel Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Space, & Money