The federal bureaucracy chapter 13 exam

The federal bureaucracy chapter 13 exam

The effort to improve the bureaucracy goes on: the Government Performance and Results Act requires each agency to create plans that detail their goals and objectives and to measure their performance. More often it is made available because the bureaucracy itself knows when it wishes to hire and wants to circumvent an elaborate search. Not until the Interstate Commerce Commission was created in did the federal government begin to regulate the economy. Assessment of the progress made by this initiative has been quite good. TQM philosophy was adopted by the Clinton administration and by many state and local governments around the nation. Bureaucracies are large, complex organizations in which employees have very specific job responsibilities and work within a hierarchy of authority. Trust funds operate outside the regular government budget, and the appropriations committees have no control over these expenditures. Political authority over the bureaucracy is not in one set of hands but is shared among several institutions. Culture and Careers I. The Civil War led to hiring many new officials and creating many new offices. There are four factors that may explain the behavior of government officials.

The proper role of government in the economy was to promote, not to regulate, and a commitment to laissez-faire. WWII was the first occasion during which the government made heavy use of federal income taxes to finance its activities.

Agencies have the authority to set policy under the laws passed by Congress authorizing an agency to administer a program. Congress influences agency behavior by the statues it enacts.

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Efforts at budget cutting reflect the tension between majoritarianism and pluralism. The Civil War led to hiring many new officials and creating many new offices.

Privacy Act. The role of these agencies was primarily to serve, not to regulate. A political executive entering an agency with responsibility for shaping its direction will discover that he or she must carefully win the support of career subordinates.

Before adopting a new rule or policy, an agency must give notice, solicit comments, and hold hearings.

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A committee can punish an agency by cutting its budget, altering a key program, etc. Every part of every agency meeting must be open to the public unless certain matters are being discussed. Privacy Act. Their personal attributes, such as their socioeconomic background and their political attitudes 3. Some government bureaucracies seek certain constraints. Presidents can appoint fewer than 1 percent of all executive branch employees, though the ones they appoint fill the top policymaking positions. Each approach to improving the bureaucracy has its shortcomings. The behavior of bureaucrats is frequently a source of irritation. As late as the Supreme Court held that a regulatory agency could not make rules on its own; it could only apply the standards enacted by Congress.
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