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Though their goal and method was similar, that of using doubt as a vehicle to traverse the oppositional arguments of unbelievers, they arrive at different Who Invented the Pascal Triangle? The growth in the scientific community is known as the Scientific Revolution.

He was the son of Etienne Pascal, his father, and Antoinette Begone, his mother who died when Blaise was only four years old.

In answer to Blaise's unswerving fascination, his father permitted him to read the works of ancient Greek mathematician Euclid.

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The Jesuits tried without success to find the author. Blaise Pascal is considered part of the foundation of the very heart of mathematics. Blaise became devoutly religious and sister Jacqueline eventually becoming a Jansenist nun. In the process, he stumbled upon an accidental invention and in Pascal's roulette machine was born.

Having replicated an experiment that involved placing a tube filled with mercury upside down in a bowl of mercury, Pascal questioned what force kept some mercury in the tube and what filled the space above the mercury in the tube.

At 16, Pascal began preparing to write a study of the entire field of mathematics, but his father required his time to hand total long columns of numbers.

Absorbed again in his scientific interests, he tested the theories of Galileo and Evangelista Torricelli an Italian physicist who discovered the principle of the barometer. Without rational grounds for belief in Christianity, how are we to know if God even exists? It was there, at age 16, that Blaise presented a number of his early theorems, including his Mystic Hexagram, to some of the premier mathematical thinkers of the time.

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Essay about Blaise Pascal