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At the beginning of the s, the first lady and the Oscar-winning actress looked like a new type of woman: chic, daring, informal, breaking with postwar convention.

Audrey Hepburn in the film of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Berman a typical Hollywood agent picking up young girls from the mid-west promising them stardom. And, most importantly, neither is ever a bore.

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Holly may be brittle and sophisticated, but she is also unknowing, claiming not to realise that the "weather reports" she carries for a drug dealer in Sing Sing are coded messages to his accomplices. Her hair is dyed, she diets, and conceals her poor eyesight with stylish dark glasses.

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While the narrator is happy to have his first home, Holly is consumed by her need to constantly escape from places, people and things. Each gift illustrates a median between stability and freedom: Holly's gift is a cage, but it will never imprison a bird, and the narrator's gift is a medal of the patron saint of travel, but it comes from Tiffany's, Holly's personal symbol of home. Holly is the novella's major symbol for art. In each case, Holly has emotional or sexual control over the male character in the episode. Hepburn lives on her own, in a stylish flat, but she inhabits a moment when a woman's career consists of a good marriage and virginity remains a unit of exchange. Some of her personality traits are admirable, affectionate, while being sort of cold hearted. Perhaps, the novella suggests, there is no such thing as pure objectivity, and even information is a form of story-telling subject to distortion and personal bias. The model I am using has two toned hair similar to the character in the film, so I can use this as another way to demonstrate the stability vs. Art as Commodity Breakfast at Tiffany's is deeply concerned with the purpose of art and its shifting position in mid-century consumer culture. It prefers the unconscious to the self-conscious.

Never achieving superstar status, she also managed, as her perennial return to the fashion and arts pages confirms, to remain something of an enigma.

Share via Email A 'lop-sided romantic' Both these films - released in and respectively - are so quintessentially products of the nascent sexual revolution that they put Breakfast at Tiffany's, and its androgynous star, in their proper perspective.

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The novella is all about escape and the film is escapism at its best. It is this artificial persona that the wealthy men in Holly's life pay for, establishing Holly as not only an art object, but as one that is sold as a commodity in the sexual marketplace. This statement indicates how, within the world of the novella, proper names symbolize both personal and public identity. Breakfast at Tiffany's juxtaposes love and desire, drawing a sharp contrast between Holly's relationships governed by desire, and her relationships free from it. Yet if Hepburn's screen persona represents an experiment in the modernisation of femininity, its limitations are also writ large - and not just because of its dependence on her youth. I ought to be making s-s-sun helmets. Within the Christian tradition, Christmas is a symbol of rebirth, as the birth of the Messiah enabled His followers to be "born again" through His teachings and the ritual of baptism.

Breakfast at Tiffany's juxtaposes love and desire, drawing a sharp contrast between Holly's relationships governed by desire, and her relationships free from it.

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Themes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s