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Access options available:. Over the next five years, Ehrlich would record her experiences as a ranch hand and herder as well as a friend to others in the same occupation. Boulder: Roberts Rinehart, Those experiences are what Ehrlich used to draw upon for the book, which was completed in I found the book in a used book store.

She finished her first book after eight years of herding sheep in the Big Horn River Basin, pulling calves in rainstorms in the Beartooths, fighting off lecherous hermitcowboys in town, and waiting out long Wyoming winters alone in her cabin.

According to the author, the book actually began as a series of rough-edged journal entries sent by Ehrlich to a friend in Hawaii. Traditionally, at least, ranch life has gone against materialism and has stood for the small achievements of the human conjoined with the animal, and the simpler pleasures Despite David's worsening condition, Ehrlich went ahead with the film project.

This book, first published in by Alfred Knopf, figured prominently in the great Echo Park controversy ofwhen Dinosaur National Monument was threatened with two Bureau of Reclamation dams that would have dramatically altered the primitive setting of that spectacular region.

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The documentary was designed to focus on sheep herders and their lives throughout the high months of the year, which are June through September. She gets married, buys a ranch, tells us about the National Finals Rodeo, then held in Oklahoma City. The discovery merely reflects my ignorance Instead, it matches its man.

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