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Conclusions Ever since Korean drama was introduced in the Philippines, it captured the interest of most Filipino people especially the Filipino youths of the present generation. According to Willig ,qualitative research is usually concerned with meaningand in particular how people make sense of the world and how participants experience events from their perspective.

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This is because the limitations of the indirect exchange that occurs online through the Internet cannot surpass direct communication. In his research, the hypothesis f is the null hypothesis as there is no relationship between the age and gender for K-drama viewership.

Every day we can see a lot of Korean dramas aired on television. The element of Korean drama that had the least choice of the respondents was the Korean products. I cry during 3.

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The urban youth today prefer everything in Korean. A chapter on the Arab world, for example, points out the importance of keeping Muslim praying times in mind.

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ESSAY: Hallyu, the Korean wave