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In January of , Clinton announced that he would be putting together a team of experts to review the issue of health care cost and develop a plan to propose to congress Bok, In those states, the federal Department of Health and Human Services will operate the exchanges. With our aging population, complexity of illness and growing cost of health care, the government need a new approach to delivery of health care system. Myths about American health care are pervasive, and factual correctives are needed. I think that health care spending contributes and detracts from the economic growth. The purpose of this paper is to explore the history of health care, the major improvements made to coverage through the years. Consumers can compare and purchase plans online or in person. Since physicians control most health care purchasing decisions, and they are not constrained in most health care settings by cost considerations, incentives for excessive diagnostic procedures are built into the system.

In Harry Truman had national health insurance on his campaign platform as part of the new deal but it never came to fruition due to democratic opposition and socialist fears Christiansen, Fromthe Act made access available to them. As defined by Dictionary. For this reason, injustices arise owing to unforeseen consequences of instituting a health care system in a capitalistic society.

Us healthcare reform essay

On September 22, , Clinton then made a speech to Congress announcing this new health plan Bok, Health care spending has always been a talked about subject in the United States. Many leaders from the Democratic Party are actively engaging in policy-making to fix what Rep. What can Americans do about this growing problem. With the ongoing pressure from the AMA, and the beginning of the Second World War occupying the full attention of the Roosevelt administration, health care reform along with many other domestic goals was put on hold This includes: those who do not live with their parents those who are out of school those are not financially dependent on their parents those who are married A child who has health insurance under their parents' plan will lose coverage on their 26th birthday. Another way Obama wants to change the health insurance companies is to expand coverage and improve the care given The purpose of this paper is to explore the history of health care, the major improvements made to coverage through the years. Furthermore, I will discuss how the health care reform is impacting community health.

Over the years with all the changes to healthcare, those in Congress try to appease everyone that is involved.

Reform is what is desired by most people who feel that the present standards are insufficient.

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Finally, I will present what nurses can do to increase awareness of civil rights in health care Health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year," President Barack Obama proudly stated New 1.

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