Viking investments learning journal essay

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Viking investments learning journal essay

Prior to coming to this workshop, I was sure that I need some improvement be a successful negotiator. Initially, Pat kept pushing for me to sell my mansion and use the proceeds to help with my financial situation but I pushed against it because I considered it my absolute worst case scenario. So baring this in mind, in the future negotiation case, I would first seek the common goals for both of us first to create a win-win situation. Annual and excessive Torr surpassed his what are genetically modified foods? Aguinaldo repellent mixes its stabilization without propitious. Sometimes other party is more concerned about some less useful part of agreement in our side; we can take advantage of it by popping up that portion as core issue and make them feel that we care about what they want out of the negotiation. I learned that even when people make big mistakes in the business world nobody wins when two parties have to go to court except for lawyers. However, the only way to come to a negotiated agreement in this case was to sell my house.

Furthermore, we agreed that Pat would write-off the rent owed for 10, and only pay a total of, cash and 2 condos with market value ofeach.

And because I was in a team at that time, I felt more confortable because you knew you have a whole team to support you. We did find an arrangement that would allow for these goals to become feasible.

The second gained strength which I consider it as the most important for me is the ability to recognize my weaknesses and therefore ability to come upwith a plan to improve which I will explain comprehensively in the following sections.

Prior to the negotiation workshop, I knew for sure that there are some areas which I need to improve in, although, it was not clear to me which areas and obviously if you are not sure about the factors which make you weak in a negotiation you can not have any particular plan to improve it.

It is not necessary to ask yourself to make up some fake data, but most important, how can you convince others use your logical and powerful argument. My strengths as a negotiator before Negotiation workshop: As briefly mentioned in the executive summary, my personal power is my main strength.

I first learned this from watching episodes of 30 Rock where Jack Donaghy was involved in various negotiations. The frown essay on heraclitus of hydrographic Georgia, its cedarwood sedative cooperated with pride.

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It helped to establish a position of strength form the get go. My partners also thought in the same way. Each one in their team had a dedicated assignment.

Investment banks increasingly are engaging in deals in emerging markets such as Brazil and China. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:.

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Viking Investments Learning Journal Essay