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Evaluations of these programs have shown program effects on multiple aspects of parenting including improvements in the quality of the parent-child relationship, increases in effective discipline DeGarmo et al. Wartime health of populations: radiation in Japan War can also have a dramatic impact on the health of civilian populations.

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At 6-year follow-up, youth in the FBP as compared to those in the literature control condition had lower youth and caregiver report of externalizing disorders, lower externalizing problems, lower internalizing problems, higher self-esteem, lower problematic grief, and less HPA axis dysregulation as assessed by evening cortisol Luecken et al.

The parenting components differed across development periods to address differences in the key developmental tasks facing youth, and long-term program effects have been demonstrated for interventions that were delivered during each developmental period.

Conceptual framework of the processes that account for the long-term effects of parenting interventions Our conceptualization of the processes that might account for the long-term effects of parenting interventions will be guided by two complementary propositions.

Long term environmental impacts

We then summarize the findings concerning outcomes achieved by the interventions, with an emphasis on long-term youth outcomes. First, it focuses exclusively on long-term outcomes, defined as those assessed one year or longer after the program. Veterans often needed long-term care owing to the physical and psychological impact of war. Another trial targeted families of 8th graders with adolescents who had high behavior problems as reported by parents Pantin et al. Comparison conditions were typically no-intervention conditions, brief one- to three-session interventions, or screening and referring families to community resources. In addition, studies reported long-term effects on factors that affect parenting, such as fewer subsequent pregnancies, higher maternal employment, less maternal involvement with the law, longer romantic relationships Olds et al. Short-term outcomes can be directly tied to the intervention, while long-term outcomes can be less directly attributed to the program.

Resilience promotion programs for youth in stressful situations Seven trials evaluated the effects of parenting interventions with families of children spanning multiple developmental periods who were exposed to stressful situations.

One of the prevention trials of the IY program included low-income mothers with a child enrolled in a Head Start program Reid et al. Longitudinal research has shown that adolescents with conduct disorder or depression as compared to those who do not have such problems are likely to spend less time in conventional contexts and have greater exposure to contexts that maintain their problem behaviors into young adulthood e.

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They proposed that studies that demonstrated that a program led to a change in parenting, which in turn was associated with a subsequent change in youth outcomes, provide particularly strong evidence for the causal effect of parenting.

Several studies found the intervention effects were greater for youth who were at-risk because of existing behavior problems or family stressors Brody et al. Some included components for children, such as skills training or academic tutoring e. Several programs that focused primarily on helping families deal with stressful situations and targeted children across developmental periods are described separately.

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