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The audacity of Whitman 's meditations on and challenges to mortality in the poems is astonishing; they were clearly a key element of his intentions. Walt Whitman feels as if he is just as great as Shakespeare, perhaps even greater. To think how much pleasure there is!

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When his brother and sister-in-law were forced to move for business reasons, he bought his own house at Mickle Street now Dr. Whitman believes God to be an unreal person which nothing greater can be imagined. Whitman described their friendship as "thick". Even while staking out his place as a common man, Whitman saw for the poet a special role within democracy. He is not arguing what he believes or what others believe. Whitman is stating that he believes in pantheism, the idea that God is a part of everyone and everything. Whitman is the poet of everything. I think he would sense a similar danger today.

I believe in the flesh and the appetites, Seeing, hearing, felling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle.

The star represents Abraham Lincoln.

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If the self is democracy, then everything within that democracy must be equal including the body and soul. After suffering a paralytic stroke in early , Whitman was induced to move from Washington to the home of his brother—George Washington Whitman, an engineer—at Stevens Street in Camden, New Jersey. He once stated he did not taste "strong liquor" until he was 30 [] and occasionally argued for prohibition. The couple's sixth son, the youngest, was named Edward. There come moods when these clothes of ours are not only too irksome to wear, but are themselves indecent. Selection 25 Whitman is frustrated at his inability to express himself. Whitman thus celebrates in his work the many kinds of individuals that make up a society as well as the tensions that bring individuals together in a variegated community. These also flow onward to others. Sex has become a taboo. He denied any one faith was more important than another, and embraced all religions equally. Whitman is celebrating America and her diversity. This aligned with their own desires for a future of brotherly socialism. Did you enjoy these Walt Whitman quotes? Whitman comments in his November Boughs regarding Shakespeare's historical plays: Conceiv'd out of the fullest heat and pulse of European feudalism—personifying in unparalleled ways the medieval aristocracy, its towering spirit of ruthless and gigantic caste, with its own peculiar air and arrogance no mere imitation —only one of the "wolfish earls" so plenteous in the plays themselves, or some born descendant and knower, might seem to be the true author of those amazing works—works in some respects greater than anything else in recorded literature.

The mark of a true writer is their ability to mystify the familiar and familiarize the strange. Once again, he sees himself as one of everything. And an overcoming again, and a bringing together again of morality and mortality.

We are watching her watch them.

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The vulgar and the refined. Fratricide is the killing of your own brother.

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