Working in health and social care essay

The care workers are required to provide an effective and quality based services to their service users by respecting their rights and personality to protect them from any type of harms like emotional, physical, financial or psychological harm.

coalition model of working in partnership

In such a situation, patients cannot count on stable and reliable health and social care services because some services may overlap, while others may be under-performed. Also, in some cases, when working practices and policies between potential partners extremely differs, forming the much needed partnership working arrangement may become impossible as partners retreat to their comfort zone.

In actuality, communication gaps are particularly dangerous for the overall success of health and social care partnerships because the poor communication prevents partners from the effective interaction.

In fact, such partnership model is quite effective but again it needs the close interaction between health and social care organisations and the government. Alternatively, the partnership model may include the distribution of functions and responsibilities between the government and health care organisation. Childhood abuse, limited intervention and homelessness: Pathways to the mental health and justice systems. The close cooperation helps health and social care professionals to understand specificities of their job and, thus, understand each other better. The developments led by group researcher has framed different policies have raised awareness, assessed opportunities, management and way to utilize available resources for most beneficial outcome. Here, in patients are given autonomy to select the way of treatment and can easily self regulate with their necessities Davies, We have assembled a team of qualified writers and tutors to help you. In such a case, the risk of such cases as the Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust and Adult A case is low because the tight control over health and social care organisations from the part of the government discourages employees from negligent performance. Moreover, such partnerships cannot integrate into their organisational structure that means that health care organisations remain disintegrated from social care organisations because of the differences in their practices and policies. The monitoring and control over the partnership in health and social care increases the responsibility of organisations operating in the industry because they are legally liable for the violation of existing norms and standards concerning health and social care. Staffs within health and social care sector should therefore embrace respects for each other so as to maximize the success of partnership working relation Carnwell and Buchanan , Scie The police, local authority and health and social care services never worked together thus denying each partner an opportunity to be empowered by the others. Click here to submit your assignment instructions NHS care and community Act , is cited as the first law in UK, to have called for client-professional partnership working with health and social care services. The application of this model involves the extensive funding and strict control from the part of the government, while health and social care professionals work under regulations and strict control of government bodies.

Keating, P. In recent years it has been found in that Healthalkonline has focused on shared decision making approach as it reduces the health issues and plays an important role in decision making practices Keating and et.

At the same time, the partnership in health and social care is still very prospective. On top of legislation, there are range of policies that call for partnership working with health and social care sector. Whereas, the coordinated model seeks in for cooperative working in which unit are liable for functions that is associated with area of skill under separate management and there is no single incorporated system within this model. Partnership working in health and social care. Therefore, the effective implementation of the partnership in health care and social work is possible only on the condition of the effective monitoring and control of the performance of professionals providing health and social care services and organisations responsible for the provision of such services. However, respect in partnership is also an essential factor because partners working together possess in common goals and this relation is ultimately based in mutual understanding and respect for each other competency and skills to attain beneficial results. First, health care and social care organisations should eliminate differences in their practices and policies. The philosophy of equity guides in distribution of opportunities for well being and every client is provided the accessibility to health services.

Reference Davies, P. Liddell, M.

Working in health and social care essay

At this point, it is also worth mentioning the fact that partners may repose the responsibility on each other. This requires the patients and professionals to work together to select tests, treatments and support packages based on patient preferences; clinician experience and research evidence Scie Equally, independence of partner is another essential of partnership working.

unified model of partnership working
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Social Work and Adult Health Care Essay